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1 New Green Lantern Feat Proves How Much His Power Level Has Increased

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Green Lantern #1!Hal Jordan’s latest stunt shows just how far his powers as a Green Lantern have come. The Emerald Knight may have left the Corps, but that doesn’t mean his willpower has decreased one bit.

In Green Lantern #1 by Jeremy Adams and Xermanico, the Green Lantern Corps has come under the control of the United Planets, who have quarantined Sector 2814 in the wake of recent calamities. Disagreeing with their decision, Hal resigns his post as a Green Lantern and heads back to Earth to resume his life.


Hal is shown contemplating his decision to resign from the Corps when news breaks out about trouble in Coast City. Hal races to respond and discovers a villain wreaking havoc with a recovered set of Manhunter armor. The villain tries blasting Hal with a beam of energy, but Hal is able to manipulate the surrounding energy noting the Manhunters and Green Lantern Power Rings operate off the same willpower-based energy. Declaring that no one has more willpower than him, Hal fashions a new Power Ring and Green Lantern uniform from the Manhunter’s power source, ready to serve as a hero once more.

Hal Jordan is Now an Independent Green LanternGreen Lantern Upgraded Costume DC Comics

The Green Lantern Corps chooses its members based on who has the willpower necessary to operate a Power Ring. Hal was one of the first Earthlings to become a Lantern, and he shocked everyone by becoming one of the greatest ring-slingers around. Since he first put on the ring, Hal’s power has grown considerably. He was the first to conquer the ring’s yellow impurity, and he has even successfully wielded other lights in the Emotional Spectrum. When it comes to pure willpower there really is no one who matches the resolve of Hal Jordan.

But Jordan’s turned in his Power Ring and officially left the Corps. One would think that he’d also lose all the privileges that come with the DC Universe’s greatest weapon. But Jordan’s enhanced willpower has completely rid him of the need for an actual ring. Just a small exposure to the Manhunter armor’s energy source, and Hal was able to fashion himself a new uniform, Power Ring and all. Not only is that seriously impressive, but it also shows just how far he’s come at mastering the Green Light of Will. In fact, Hal’s new power level might mean he’s moved past the need for the Corps altogether.

Green Lantern Doesn’t Need the Corps Anymore

Green Lantern Hal Back DC Comics

While Green Lanterns have traditionally needed a Power Ring and Power Battery provided by the Green Lantern Corps, it appears that Hal has grown too powerful for those relics. That’s not necessarily a bad thing as the Earth can still have access to a Green Lantern despite being under quarantine. Unfortunately for Hal, this may draw negative attention from the United Planets. They might not be too happy that a former member of the Corps is able to continue acting as a Green Lantern despite having resigned. But if Hal’s grown more powerful than the Corps itself, they may not be able to do anything about it. Fans can see more of Hal’s current level of power in Green Lantern #1, on sale now.

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