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10 Best ‘Saturday Night Live’ Hosts from Season 48, Ranked

Saturday Night Live has had its fair share of hilarious hosts throughout the years, and Season 48 was no exception. There was Travis Kelce, who made us laugh-out-loud when he played a straight male friend in an ad for a low-effort friendship with no drama or emotional commitment. And Quinta Brunson cracked audiences up when she mimed her thoughts during an argument with another driver while they both sat in traffic. I think everyone can agree that the sketch should have been longer!

There were many hosts who made their SNL debut this season, including Miles Teller, Michael B. Jordan, and Jenna Ortega. And there were big moments, such as Woody Harrelson joining the exclusive Five-Timers Club, and Steve Martin and Martin Short co-hosting an episode together. And who can forget when Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell reunited during the “Kenan and Kelly” sketch on Keke Palmer’s episode? Legendary!

Now that the season is over (due to the writers’ strike), we want to reflect on the hosts fans have watched over the past few months. Below are the 10 best Saturday Night Live hosts from Season 48, ranked.

10. Miles Teller

Although he lacked natural comedic talent, Teller gave it his all during his Saturday Night Live debut by exuding confidence and charm in each sketch. The Top Gun: Maverick star didn’t land many big laughs from the audience but still continued to spare no effort as the episode went on.

9. Keke Palmer

What started out as an exciting episode, with Palmer announcing her pregnancy during the opening monologue, turned out to be another instance of a host not fully meeting expectations. Palmer is a fantastic actor, and even though she brought her comedic A-game throughout the episode, the sketches still fell just a bit flat, leaving audiences wanting more.

8. Michael B. Jordan

This first-time host was a perfect example of making it work when you are given bad material. The sketches in this episode were both uninspired and unfunny, and yet Jordan still gave it his all. Although he tried to prove that he has what it takes to be a great SNL host, this Creed III star falls to the back of this list for not having the right material to showcase his full comedic talent.

7. Quinta Brunson

A good teacher can change everything, and that’s exactly what Brunson did! When the Abbott Elementary creator and star hosted for the first time, she brought the funny. Brunson, unsurprisingly, had fantastic comedic timing but didn’t receive as many laughs as you would think. Although she didn’t fully wow audiences, I would bet that her impressive comedy chops will land her back in Studio 8H sooner rather than later.

6. Jenna Ortega

Taking to the SNL stage for the very first time, Ortega had a lot to prove. So, when the Scream VI star stepped out, she showed audiences that she has a wide range of acting abilities, from thriller and horror to now comedy. And with a little help from Wednesday co-star and Saturday Night Live alum Fred Armisen, she was able to really show audiences what she’s made of.

5. Steve Martin and Martin Short

What happens when two comedy legends come together to co-host Saturday Night Live? Hilarious content, that’s what! This was former cast member Short’s third time hosting and Martin’s sixteenth time hosting. This episode is a perfect example of what experienced and talented comedians can bring to the show (a great time, that is).

4. Aubrey Plaza

It should come as no surprise that the talented Aubrey Plaza is in the top four of this list. Although this was her first time hosting, this was not her first time in Studio 8H. The White Lotus star used to work in the NBC Page Program before making it big in Hollywood. In this episode, Plaza reaches new levels of funny, earning all the laughs that she received (and brought along Amy Poehler!). Fingers crossed that she returns in SNL next season.

3. Travis Kelce

If you would have told me that a football player would be one of the funniest hosts this season on Saturday Night Live, I probably wouldn’t have believed you. And yet, here we are! Kelce exceeded all expectations. The eccentric characters played by Kelce, along with the hysterical writing, make this one of the best episodes this season.

2. Woody Harrelson

Harrelson keeps coming back to host Saturday Night Live, and we know why: He’s hilarious! This season, he joined the Five-Timers Club, and in this episode, Harrelson proved exactly why he was given the coveted jacket. His effortless charm, witty humor, and all-around unique personality make him an outstanding host.

1. Pedro Pascal

Coming in at number one on this list is none other than Mr. Pedro Pascal! We’ve all known that The Last of Us star was a talented actor, but now we can add comedian to that list as well! His playfulness mixed with his spot-on comedic timing left audiences laughing uproariously. Pascal deserved all of the applause he got, no doubt about it. With all of the love he received from fans, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him hosting again next season.

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