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10 Hilariously Bizarre The Good Doctor Moments That Need More Context

The internet has seemingly just discovered the ABC series The Good Doctor and is circulating out-of-context scenes throughout social media platforms. The Good Doctor has been one of ABC’s most successful primetime dramas since it premiered on the network in 2017. The series follows the fictional doctor and surgeon Shaun Murphy, who has autism.

Throughout its six seasons, The Good Doctor has been applauded for its positive messaging about the spectrum of autism. It has also faced some ridicule, with some fans finding Freddie Highmore’s performance as Shaun generally reductive. The trend started with the explosion of The Good Doctor ‘I am a surgeon’ meme that spawned hundreds of ridiculous edits which highlight Highmore’s over-the-top performance as a surgeon fighting for his job. After the internet caught wind of the show, several more hilarious clips surfaced that made Highmore’s overall performance as Shaun Murphy seem ridiculous, especially when the scenes are watched without context.



10 Shaun Remembers What His Dad Did To His Rabbit

A flashback scene from The Good Doctor’s very first episode reveals that Shaun’s dad had dramatically grabbed his rabbit and threw it at a wall during a fight. Shaun’s abusive father was yelling at him about his misbehaviors, which seemed to be a common issue for young Shaun. This scene was meant to be an extremely traumatic moment for Shaun as a child, but out of context, it takes on a whole new meaning. The suddenness of the impact combined with the randomness of the punishment adds shock value to the scene.

9 Shaun Bluntly Tells A Young Patient He Has Cancer

Dr. Murphy in The Good Doctor telling patient he has cancer

In one of The Good Doctor’s earliest episodes, Dr. Shaun Murphy asks a young patient how to tell the truth even when it will hurt the person. The scene is intended to be a heartwarming moment where a smart, young kid teaches a fully-grown adult, and a doctor at that, how to lie. Lying appears to be a brand-new concept to Shaun, who receives an explanation of lying that even a child could understand. After a sweet exchange, Shaun then immediately takes the advice of the patient and bluntly tells him that he has cancer. The internet clip cuts off before the patient reveals that he already knew about it.

8 Shaun Learns About Phone Sex In His Thirties

Shaun Learns About Phone Sex in The Good Doctor

Shaun is told about phone sex for the first time by his girlfriend over the phone. The internet found this moment surprising because Shaun is at least 30 years old in The Good Doctor’s timeline. Shaun’s innocent antics when learning about phone sex are sweet to some viewers, but taken out of context, they’re somewhat strange and humorous. The point of the joke on the internet is in the notion that Shaun had never even heard of phone sex in spite of his intelligence and age. His response to it is also akin to that of a 10-year-old.

7 Shaun Walks Like C-3PO While Preparing A Woman For Childbirth

Shaun walking like C-3PO in The Good Doctor

One of the most unusual clips of The Good Doctor currently circulating around places like Twitter is when Shaun walks like C-3PO from Star Wars for some unknown reason. Shaun explains to a pregnant patient that now is the opportune time for her to give birth. Shaun convinces her to begin the process while strangely walking like a robot around the room, almost identical to C-3PO. He continues walking like this throughout the scene. The woman pretends that it isn’t completely weird, when it is, as Shaun preps her to give birth to her baby.

6 Shaun Refuses To Cooperate With Armed Robber

Shaun and the robber in The Good Doctor

In another chaotic and perplexing scene from The Good Doctor, Shaun refuses to put his phone and wallet on the ground as instructed by a robber, which raises tensions to the point where an innocent woman is shot. This scene is meant to be extremely dramatic and tragic, but Shaun deciding against following the robber’s instructions results in even more tragedy. At one point, Shaun holds up an apple to the robber with a gun pointed in his face. Even given the context of the scene, it’s the bizarre nature of his response that makes it such a comedic moment.

5 Shaun Doesn’t Want To Go On Walks

Shaun wearing his white coat and clasping his hands in The Good Doctor.

A random clip of Shaun is going around the internet that is so out of context it’s difficult to identify. The clip is only about six seconds long and features Shaun dramatically announcing that he doesn’t want to go on walks, as if he were saying something profound and awe-inspiring. The camera then pans to the stoic face of Dr. Han who gives very little emotional feedback, which comes off as him seeming melodramatic and disinterested. This clip is certainly one of those things that is better seen than explained to get the full picture.

4 Shaun Attempts To Smash His Girlfriend’s Car Windows A Baseball Bat

Lea resting her head on Shaun's shoulder in The Good Doctor.

Only an episode after Shaun and Lea start dating at the end of The Good Doctor season 3, Shaun has a meltdown on Lea. He says awful things to her including “you will end up alone” and “nobody likes you.” The ironic part is that Shaun has this meltdown immediately after Lea catches him attempting to smash her car windows with a baseball bat. The outburst makes Shaun look unhinged and even dangerous. It’s another example of Shaun’s over-the-top response to not getting his own way that makes him look ridiculous.

3 Shaun Loses His Composure While Performing A Surgery

Shaun has meltdown in The Good Doctor

During a surgical procedure, Shaun loses his composure in the operating room. He panics and screams “No! No! No!” on repeat with no ability to stop himself. He flees the operating room and continues to have a panic attack in the hallway. Out of context, it’s absurd to think that Shaun could keep his job as a surgeon after such an unprofessional response to surgery. In the scene, Shaun is able to calm himself down. He explains that he spotted something during the surgery that makes the patient’s condition more critical than they had initially thought.

2 Shaun Steals A Box Cutter From TSA & Performs Surgery At An Airport

In the very first scene of The Good Doctor’s pilot episode, an odd serious of events takes place at an airport, leading Shaun to think on his feet to perform an emergency surgery. An unrealistic maintenance accident occurs that injures a child with shattered glass falling all over him. In order to perform the emergency surgery to save the child’s life, Shaun steals a box cutter from TSA and runs through the airport. He is tackled by security, but is allowed to perform the surgery and ultimately saves the child’s life. Shaun also hilariously uses two bottles of whiskey to sanitize the child’s body.

1 Shaun Tells Man He’s a Surgeon & Gets In A Bar Fight

Shaun is assaulted by an angry bar patron, who kicks Shaun down to the ground. Shaun has a heroic moment in response, telling the angry man that he is a surgeon, which is similar to the original meme that went viral on the internet. The angry man kicks Shaun again and then somehow suddenly falls on his back and hits his head without Shaun doing anything. The man starts bleeding from the back of his head, to Shaun’s surprise. The chain of events in this sequence is so bizarre, even in the context of the show, that it makes the scene one of The Good Doctor’s most noteworthy moments.

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