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10 Storylines Season 2 Needs To Expand On

Wednesday delivered the supernatural, friendship, mystery, and horror all within its first season. While season one was certainly jam-packed with exciting storylines, events, and characters, there is room in season two to explore and expand on the plot lines that had loose ends in the season finale. Season two has plenty of time to develop storylines that season one hinted at or did not have time to explore further. While Wednesday offered some time with the rest of the Addams Family, including portraying flashbacks that focus on Morticia and Gomez’s past at Nevermore Academy, they would always be an exciting addition to more episodes in season two, as would Uncle Fester. Meanwhile, some storylines ended on cliffhangers, such as what would happen next for Tyler or the mystery behind Wednesday’s stalker.

Nevermore Academy is also at the center of many questions, as the school needs a new leader with Christie’s death, meaning that the school lacks a central leadership figure. Enid’s place as the black sheep of her family may have finally ended with her eventually transforming into a werewolf in the season one finale, but will that be enough to help raise her confidence?

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10 Wednesday’s Relationships with Her Family


Although Wednesday clarified that the title character’s relationship with her family is not the closest, season two could expand on it. Most specifically, Wednesday’s relationship with Morticia is portrayed to be tense, and while Wednesday tries to show herself as an individual outside Morticia and Gomez’s history at Nevermore Academy, solving such a high-stakes murder mystery has likely done the work for her. Going into season two, although the rest of the Addams family do not play central roles in the show, Wednesday can still expand on the dynamics Wednesday has with her parents, brother, uncle, and Thing.

9 Enid Feeling Like the Black Sheep

Emma Myers as Enid Sinclair in Wednesday

Having never successfully transformed into a werewolf, Enid is the black sheep of her family, which is how she ends up at Nevermore Academy. When Enid’s parents come to visit, that mentality is even more enforced. At the conclusion of season one, Enid finally fully transforms into a werewolf.

Enid’s identity as a werewolf, her capabilities in transforming, and her thoughts on whether she remains the family’s black sheep can be more thoroughly examined in season two now that season one has given the foundation. Enid’s growing friendships with others can also help reinforce her self-confidence to allow her to feel good about herself rather than being concerned about her family’s view of her.

8 Tyler’s Character Arc

Doohan in Wednesday

Although Tyler initially shows himself as a kind love interest for Wednesday in a small love triangle, the season’s ending reveals that Tyler had never been who he claimed to be. Instead, Tyler was the vindictive and dangerous Hyde, possessed by Miss Thornhill. Since the Hyde did most of the work, and Tyler had always been working under a Master, season two can expand on who Tyler is without a Master in control.

Does Tyler truly hate the Nevermore Academy students? Can he grow to see them as people too? Will Tyler always remain a villain? Considering the tease about Tyler’s escape, season two can answer some of those questions and divulge new elements to his arc.

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7 Wednesday’s Friendships

A scene from Wednesday
MGM Worldwide Television and Digital Distribution

For the most part, outside of Enid, Thing, and Eugene, Wednesday is not the most social person. Her romance with Tyler ends horribly, and Xavier always acts as someone who wants to be looked at as a love interest rather than a friend. However, there had been numerous other characters introduced as well that Wednesday can expand on when it comes to central friendships.

Although Wednesday does not need to become the most social person in a way that goes against her character, offering a new look at potential friendships rather than enemies can add layers to her character arc.

6 The Addams Family in General

A scene from Wednesday
MGM Worldwide Television and Digital Distribution

The Addams family’s iconic place in history should offer the characters a broader role in season two. Although the series surrounds Wednesday, that does not mean that her parents, brother, and uncle can not come out to visit more often. Wednesday gave a taste of her dynamics with her relatives, and although the series should not make changes to turn it more into an Addams Family-driven series, their histories, and present can continue to have an impact on the story.

5 The Supernatural

wednesday ajax

Nevermore Academy is filled with supernatural characters and species, but their individual abilities should get a larger focus. Wednesday fights against her clairvoyance until it works in her favor to help unravel a mystery. Enid’s inability to transform prevented her from digging into her full abilities as a werewolf. Bianca’s siren abilities can help give a better understanding of her past and future in season two. Season two should expand on the supernatural elements that season one has already introduced to deepen the world further.

4 Nevermore Academy’s Next Steps

Larissa Weems in Wednesday

Considering Nevermore Academy lost its leader, there need to be the next steps for the school. Who will take over in the wake of the tragic death? Will Nevermore Academy take new and potentially challenging precautions after Tyler’s actions? Will the school continue to be at the center of mysteries and horror? How can Nevermore Academy remain an interesting and exciting place as the series continues?

3 Morning Song

Joy Sunday as Bianca

Bianca’s family’s siren cult is mentioned throughout season one. However, digging into Bianca’s backstory would allow Wednesday to flesh out Bianca and the sirens more than it had in season one. Bianca is a compelling character, and with a backstory that Wednesday has been suggesting, there could certainly be more to her life previous to Nevermore Academy and the siren cult than the series has shown thus far.

2 Wednesday’s Stalker

Wednesday Addams

Throughout the first season, Wednesday had been mysteriously watched by an unknown source. Since the Hyde mystery took center stage in season one, the stalker plot was mainly a background story. However, in the final moments of season one, it appears the stakes surrounding Wednesday’s stalker have lifted.

But who is it? Season two can reveal Wednesday’s stalker rather than make it a long-drawn-out storyline. Wednesday is already curious, and as she is unlikely to stop searching for the person threatening her life, the second season may as well build up to reveal who is threatening Wednesday and why.

1 Wednesday and Enid’s Relationship

Wednesday Wendesday and Enid

Wednesday’s friendship with Enid is the most crucial relationship from season one. It prevents Wednesday from altering her personality but shows her willingness to care for someone so different from her. Wednesday and Enid’s slow-burn friendship is one of the most essential elements in the first season. As Enid is the only person Wednesday allows to hug her, and she even reciprocates, it suggests their bond will continue to grow into season two.

Enid never wanted anything from Wednesday other than to be her friend, and she never expected anything Wednesday could not offer. Meanwhile, Enid is the main person who forces Wednesday to face emotions she is not used to exploring.

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