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‘911’ Recap: Season 6 Episode 18 — Finale Ending Explained, Buck Baby

9-1-1 said goodbye to a beloved member of the 118 family during Monday’s season finale.

I’m of course talking about Buck’s couch, which finally fulfilled its purpose — both as a metaphor for his heart’s desire and as a perfectly viable seating option — and was given a fitting farewell for its great service and sacrifice. (Kidding! He just tossed the old thing out. My emails to Fox about that couch deserving a viking funeral apparently remain unread.)

But the final episode of Season 6 was about so much more than Buck’s couch. It also marked the last time that this show will air on Fox, as 9-1-1 is relocating to ABC for its seventh season. And the finale certainly set these characters up for an eventful transition: Chimney and Maddie’s wedding, Hen and Karen’s plus one, and Eddie’s new relationship are just a few of the developments we’ll get to watch unfold this fall.

It also darn near killed every last member of the 118, thanks to a bridge collapsing in the middle of a group rescue. Noting that “the show has become a little smaller” this season, Oliver Stark tells TVLine that he was thrilled to finally have another “crazy, big emergency” in the books. “It’s so much fun for everyone to be on those big sets,” he recalls. “In many senses, it feels like you’re making something bigger than usual network television.”

Below, TVLine lightly grills Stark about the finale’s biggest moments, from Buck’s new relationship (and couch) to the ominous ending we’ll be thinking about all summer…


This story originally appeared on TVLine

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