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‘A Million Little Things’ Bosses Explain Why You Shouldn’t Expect a Revival Soon

It’s only been a few days since the A Million Little Things series finale aired (on May 3), but chances are you’re already wondering if that was really the last time you’ll see the friend group and their loved ones. After all, there’s plenty of stuff to explore in the 15 years we didn’t see with the time jump as well as after with the group and their kids. So, what are the chances we do?

“I’d love to do it. I’d love to do it. I think, not now,” creator DJ Nash tells TV Insider. “I think we’ve told the stories we need to tell, but are you asking me if, in a situation that would financially benefit this group, we could all come together and hang out again? We found a way to hang out with our friends and get paid. I love this family so much. If it meant that we could work with the same actors, same crew, same directors, same writers, I would do it.”

That being said, he continues, “I think we all are ready for new stories for a little while, but if you’re asking whether it could all be a dream and Gary’s [James Roday Rodriguez] fine, probably not that.”

It was in the penultimate episode that Gary learned he was dying from cancer; the series then came full circle in the finale after starting with a suicide (Jon’s) and ended with an assisted suicide. Then came the time jump.

“I will say, Gary recorded a lot of footage that we didn’t see,” showrunner Terrence Coli points out. “Fifteen years’ worth of footage for Javi to watch. So there’s a lot of stuff out there in our minds.”

But was that goodbye to Gary for Rodriguez? “Yeah, he’s toast,” he says (as we expect from the actor who played the character who was joking at the end when his friends needed that). “I guess he could pop up in somebody’s dream or something, but we’ve already done that, too, with Jon. So I think it’s probably best just to let Gary rest and let the rest of the friend group live the rest of their lives holding him in the regard that they hold him and living for themselves and a little bit for him.”

But for Nash, the fact that fans may want to see more of any sort of the friend group is what matters. “As a standup comic, which is what my roots are, you always leave the audience wanting more. So if one of the questions is, can there be more? It means we ended at the right time. And there’s always room for an encore.”

This story originally appeared on TV Insider

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