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Accessible luxury – how to enjoy the finer things in life without breaking the bank

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If we’re being honest, leading a luxurious lifestyle is something most people aspire to. Who wouldn’t like to enjoy all the comforts and pleasures that high-quality products, exclusive experiences and superior services provide? The bad news is that not everyone can afford to live in lavish mansions, drive expensive cars, eat at Michelin-starred restaurants or have a closet full of designer pieces. That’s what usually comes to mind when one thinks of luxury and this is a lifestyle usually reserved for the rich and famous.

The good news is you don’t have to be a millionaire to live the good life. Sure, you won’t be able to travel the world in a private jest unless you’re a mogul or a very important person, but there are other things that can add a touch of luxury to your life that don’t imply spending a fortune. So, here’s what you can do to make luxury more accessible even if you’re on a limited budget.    

Define what luxury means to you 

Although we tend to associate luxury with splurging on high-end goods and experiences –something that is only attainable if you have a generous bank account – that’s not necessarily the case. The truth is that luxury is a highly subjective concept and we all have our own version of it. What feels luxurious to one person, might hold no appeal to another.  

Luxury encompasses both material and immaterial things that we desire because we perceive them as valuable, and perception is by its very nature subjective. The problem is we often buy into the general definition of luxury and we let ourselves be influenced by what other people deem valuable. So, we end up wanting or buying things that we don’t actually need or like. That’s why it’s important to figure out what luxury means to you before you invest your hard-earned money in certain products or services. 

Prioritize quality over quantity

Most of the items that we consider luxurious don’t come cheap. But when you think of how those items will last in time and how they will impact your life, you’ll come to realise that they’re worth the investment. Quality products are more likely to stand the test of time, so you’ll be able to use them for years, while cheaper versions will probably require replacement a lot more often. If you do the math, purchasing quality goods that are more expensive will help you save money in the long run. 

This principle applies to clothes, appliances, furnishings, self-care products or any other items that you can think of. Besides, not all quality products are as costly as you might think. If you do a bit of research and shop around, you’ll be able to find great deals in almost every category. 

Look for the little luxuries in life  

Another common misconception is that a luxurious lifestyle can only be achieved by making big purchases like buying a bigger house, or a new car or investing in life-changing experiences, when in fact luxury often lies in the details. There are many smaller and much more affordable items that can help you add a touch of luxury to your life and make you a lot happier than splurging on the latest designer handbag or expensive jewellery that probably costs more than your monthly salary.   

Think of the little things that you actually enjoy and that could make a positive difference to you without leaving a dent in your budget. That could be spending a day at the spa, giving yourself a makeover, or any other change that can give you that luxurious feel you’re searching for. 

Shop smarter, not harder   

It’s often not the price tag but our poor shopping habits that stop us from purchasing high-end items. Many of us get carried away when we go shopping and buy things on impulse, without taking the time to research and compare prices. Spending too much time on social media and being targeted with all sorts of ads might also cause you to give in to the hype and purchase expensive items that don’t justify their price. And so, your bank account will shrink while your lifestyle won’t get any more luxurious. 

You might want to take a step back, reflect on your shopping habits for a while and learn to shop smarter instead of spending harder. There are plenty of websites and marketplaces where you can find high-end luxury items at very affordable prices. From elegant clothing pieces and accessories to shoes or bamboo toque hats, you’ll be surprised at the variety of products and the quality that these shops provide. Similarly, if you are patient enough and resist the temptation of adding a product to your cart the minute you see it, you can look for discounts or special deals and get the items you want at a fraction of the initial price. These are tried-and-tested shopping hacks that many people use to buy expensive stuff for less. 

Monitor your spending 

It’s easy to fall into the I don’t have enough money to buy the things I like trap if you don’t know how to budget. When you don’t track your expenses, you don’t really know where your money is going. That will make it harder for you to identify money-saving options or figure out how much you can afford to spend on certain items. 

You also need to keep in mind that you can’t purchase all the things you consider luxurious. But you can buy certain items that you think will add the most value to your life, and that’s what luxury is all about. Learning to prioritize and distinguish between what’s useful to you and what might be a fleeting fad can make the difference between affordable and unaffordable luxury. 

In the end, the key to luxury is understanding that it is centered around individual experiences and perceptions. So, reflecting on what this concept means to you will bring you one step closer to achieving the luxury lifestyle that you dream of. 

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