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All Of Season 1’s Bombshell Moments

When Real Housewives of Atlanta burst on the scene in 2008, it mesmerized its viewers. It showcased the personal trials and tribulations of a group of wealthy Atlanta ladies. These peaches had big personalities and that caused some major friction between the co-stars. RHOA viewers have seen stunning secrets exposed, friendships destroyed, and moments of triumph and togetherness. Let’s take a look back at the most shocking bombshell moments from Season 1 of RHOA. 

NeNe Leakes Has Arrived

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Let’s face it. If there was one memorable cast member who stood out above the rest, it was NeNe Leakes. She said it all with her first-ever tagline. “I don’t keep up with the Jones’, I am the Jones.’” NeNe was married to her husband, Gregg Leakes. She is the mom of two sons, and she doesn’t play around. Most of all, NeNe brought the fun factor.

She was besties with Kim Zolciak. They wanted to be wealthy and fabulous. While Kim was playing friend in the middle between Sheree Whitfield and NeNe, it was obvious that NeNe didn’t like Sheree. At all. She wanted Kim to tell an ill Sheree to “flush her head down the damn toilet.”

But when Kim and NeNe rolled up to co-star Sheree‘s divorce party, there was one problem. Someone’s name wasn’t on the list. And that someone would be NeNe. NeNe went from fabulous to frantic in about 0.2 seconds. And that didn’t bode well for her friendship with Kim.

Sheree Celebrates Her Birthday

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Sheree threw herself an extravagant birthday party. I mean, why not? Kim and NeNe showed up over an hour late. NeNe was shocked that someone would have to check the list for her name. And when NeNe’s name wasn’t on the list, all hell broke loose. It was particularly upsetting because Kim’s name was there. And for NeNe to be pulled aside by security? The peach trees are still shaking after NeNe went off that night.

Who Is Kim’s “Big Poppa?”

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Kim pursued her dream of country music stardom during the first season. She also had a rich sugar daddy, christened with the nickname “Big Poppa.” Kim’s boyfriend was married, but that didn’t stop Kim from cashing in on her man’s…generosity. He bought Kim a white Escalade, for example. But Kim’s co-stars were eager to find out the identity of Kim’s man. His identity was eventually revealed, but not before a whole lot of drama went down. After the season 1 reunion, Big Poppa was finally identified as Lee Najjar. Why do people go on reality television and expect to keep their identities a secret?

DeShawn Snow Flaunts Her Wealth

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DeShawn Snow’s first season tagline was, “I always knew I was destined for greatness.” Welp, maybe not as she didn’t receive an invite for Season 2. DeShawn’s entire storyline was about her enormous mansion, and finding (and keeping) staff. But she also had a huge heart for giving back and helping others.

DeShawn created the “DeShawn Snow Foundation” to help young girls increase their self-esteem. During Season 1, DeShawn hoped to raise $1 million during one black-tie event. Did it work? No. Do we applaud her misguided optimism? Yes. The auction was a flop, and in the end, the gala only raised $10,000. Which was less than what they needed to break even.

Kim and NeNe’s Tensions Blow Up

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Kim and NeNe’s simmering tensions came to a head by the end of the season. NeNe had a great time imitating Kim’s vocal stylings during an outing in a limo. Lisa Wu felt some type of way about it. And told Kim about NeNe’s critique. Kim was not pleased.

Sheree and Kim had also grown closer, leading to a widening gap between NeNe and Kim. At the reunion, the gloves were off as NeNe slammed Kim for dating Big Poppa. And she gave Kim some now infamous advice. “Close your legs to married men!”

NeNe stood up and pointed at Kim. Lisa held her back, and thankfully Andy Cohen wasn’t harmed that day.

RHOA started off its first season with a bang. From quotable lines, courtesy of NeNe, to Kim’s Big Poppa drama, this season had it all. And set the bar high for other Real Housewives shows.


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