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‘American Idol’: Iam Tongi Is Winner Of Season 21 — Voting Predictions

Let me begin this little American Idol rant by answering the question I posed in my headline: No, it’s not too soon.

What’s that, you say? “But there are still eight singers left in the competition”? You’re not wrong… but neither am I.

This may be one of the most talented group of Idol finalists in recent memory, but there’s always been something special about Iam Tongi. From the moment he was introduced two months ago (with an audition that has since been watched online by more than 15 million people), we’ve remained under the unassuming 18-year-old’s breezy island spell. And by “we,” I mean me, the judges, the voters — pretty much everybody with two ears and a heart.

If TVLine’s weekly polls are any indication, we might as well drop the confetti on Tongi right now. The charming guitarist regularly tops our polls, typically followed closely by Wé Ani — and that’s a final two I can absolutely get behind. (It should be noted that Megan Danielle and Zachariah Smith are also nipping at their heels.)

Still, I can’t help but envision Tongi standing alone in the spotlight on May 21 when Ryan Seacrest finally reveals the winner of American Idol Season 21.

Scroll down to relive Tongi’s best performances thus far, then cast your vote in the poll below. Do you think Tongi is destined to be named the next American Idol?

This story originally appeared on TVLine

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