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Ariana Madix of Vanderpump Rules Plans To Sell Shared Home With Tom Sandoval

Oh, the Vanderpump Rules finale. It’s come and gone (unless it’s still waiting in your DVR), and we were given our first, present day update via Ariana Madix on Watch What Happens Live. Ariana looked great, seemed in good spirits, and told us all what we want to know.

One of the questions everyone has is: what are they going to do with the house? Tom Sandoval and Ariana are currently cohabitating (still!), but no longer speaking. They use intermediaries to communicate and resolve issues. Ariana says she wants to sell the home ASAP and get her money out of it. Can you blame her though? Throwing it out there – maybe she will downsize and get a pad that has us all saying, ‘this place is very hygge.’

How mortgaged is Tom?

How is this sale going to go? Tom has expressed in Season 10 that his house is on the line with Schwartz and Sandy’s. He could mean his whole financial world could blow up. Or he could mean that he borrowed against his house. Seeing as Tom Schwartz was seen trying to figure out his financing for the bar with a home equity line of credit (i.e., HELOC), Tom might have done the same, or cash out refi (i.e., to get cash, wrap into one loan). If HELOC is the case, Tom and Ariana basically have a second mortgage to pay back, or with refi owe more on their first. We know this is all Tom though so he needs to come up with some cash. Maybe not legally all on him, but the two clearly had an understanding since she told Lisa Vanderpump (last season) her equity was “intact.”

Tom and Ari bought this beautiful home in Valley Village back 2019 at a little under $2.1M. It shines with natural light with 4,453 square feet (oh the cleaning), five bedrooms, and five and a half baths. We’ve seen that indoor/outdoor flow featured on Vanderpump Rules more than a few times coupled with a few raging pool parties.

What does the design say about Tom?

The two put a lot of effort into designing their home. Remember when they caught all that flack for waiting on custom furniture? That was because they had enlisted a design team to make their shared vision a reality. Oil and water came together via Lucinda Pace and Andrew Pancer of Concept XL and Elizabeth Montgomery of Boxhill.

If this is telling at all, their interior designer described their styles to People. “Tom’s style is a lot swankier and he always looks for the wow factor in everything, while Ariana’s taste is a bit subtler and she gravitates towards an organic but eclectic vibe, so it was … about … a cohesive tug and pull, to bring all the elements together.” Yeah, it’s Tom’s need for the wow that has him in the position he’s in. Tom, time to realize all the extra, doing the most is not serving you.

What else has Tom said about their home? “It’s really important to me to not just put stuff up that looks good but then to have like a story or a function. He mentions his décor choices included “penis flutes … with a cannibal fork, an emu egg … and a saber-tooth cat skull.” What kind of story is this telling Tom?

Watch the VPR reunion next Wednesday on Bravo. And Peacock extended special, Vanderpump Rules: Pumped Up Edition the following day.


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