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Bachelor Nation Star Becca Kufrin Debuts Baby Bump in New Photo

Becca Kufrin of the never-ending Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise has more good news! Gender reveal and a bump for this Bachelor Nation star.

Let’s remind for a sec, and chronicle how we got here. Bachelor has been on since way back in 2002, when you didn’t have to be on the show to get the spotlight on the show. And here we are 27 seasons (and 19 Bachelorette) later with Trista being the one who proved it could work. But this decaffeinated tea is about Becca.

Becca was on Season 22 with race car driver, Arie Luyendyk Jr., and he did propose to her by the end. However, that was so long ago that his hair has salt-and-peppered (he still looks the same) and he married the runner up. Becca went on to be the Bachelorette and it was Garrett Yrigoyen that put a ring on it. Two years later they too uncoupled.

Third time is a charm, I suppose and Becca met her current beau on Bachelor in Paradise. I don’t know what kind of normal dating Bachelor Nation does? Between the franchises and the events they attend, it’s like a high school reunion and they keep dipping in the same pool. I digress.

Newish bf, Thomas Jacobs and Becca have been together for awhile now. They broke up on BIP, and got back together circa 2021. The couple got engaged in 2022 and with their modern day timeline no idea what will come first – babe or marriage. However, we know Becca’s been busy. She hosts a Bachelor-themed podcast (how many of these are there), has a sparkling wine brand, and whatever else suits The Bachelor 15 minutes of fame.

What’s new?

This brings us to the new chapter in their lives. Baby time! If you are one of the 1M people who follow Becca on IG you are aware because girl is over the moon and it’s the focal point of her posts in 2023. I like the dog posts best, but I’m very happy for her!

Becca announced earlier this year online, then posted a reel with what looked a flat stomach, and here we are with a bump. Man, time moves fast in Instagram world. Regardless, congrats! It’s a boy!

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus, but filming picked right up for The Bachelorette. It will be here in no time. Watch the premiere June 26th on ABC.


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