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Below Deck Stars Slam Rachel Hargrove As “Two-Faced” & A Backstabber

The drama on Below Deck continues to sail on as chief stew Fraser Olender and Stew Hayley De Sola Pint shared their opinions on how they really feel about chef Rachel Hargrove. These crew members have been working together for a while now. However, at the end of season 10, Fraser and Hayley realized that they saw the truth about Rachel, and she isn’t someone that they would want to work with again.

According to Cheat Sheet, Fraser and Hayley took to Instagram Live to chat about the show. On this live, Fraser said, “After the end of season 10, I don’t think I’d work with her again. Or, just watching it back and seeing how two-faced and backstabby Rachel was.” It was his hindsight that really caused him to change his opinion of the chef. Below Deck’s Hayley De Sola called the environment in the galley “tense,” and said she “found it quite difficult.” No work environment should cause an amount of stress that things become “uncomfortable,” which is also how Hayley described trying to communicate with Rachel.

Fraser Took The Fall For Things Because It Was “Easier”

Fraser shared that he believes Rachel made him look bad to their boat’s captain, Sandy Yawn. “She wasn’t saying the truth… I was being blamed for the service being off. And we were there standing at the galley waiting to go and there was no food coming out.” Hayley agreed, saying that, Rachel’s statements to Sandy made him “look bad.” red Hayley and Fraser shared that they believed it was just “easier” to blame him for the problems that arose during service, and Fraser just kind of took it. He did say that “what happened, in reality, is not exactly how things are portrayed afterward. Or at least I don’t like hearing a side of the story that’s just totally false.”

It’s not brand-new information that reality TV shows are not full of reality from time to time. While there have been accusations of scripted storylines and producers interfering to create more dramatic scenarios, there is also the editing that takes place after everything has been shot. The editors definitely play a large role in choosing how they want people to appear on these kinds of shows. Obviously, Fraser is not too pleased with what was shown and what was omitted on this most recent season of Below Deck. Once those episodes go live and hit the air, all the cast can do is defend themselves against how they appeared.

It is clear that the drama on Below Deck isn’t going away any time soon. From the real altercations that do take place to the drawn-up dramatics and editing that reality TV undergoes, there will always be some sort of storyline to follow. This latest controversy between Fraser and Rachel, with Hayley taking Fraser’s side, could continue on if they all have to work together on future seasons of the show. Rachel has yet to defend herself against Fraser’s claims, but it is a pretty safe bet to assume the viewers don’t always get all sides of the story and may truly never find out how certain situations went down.

Source: Cheat Sheet/Gina Ragusa, Fraser Olender/Instagram

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