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Ben Affleck’s New Sci-Fi Movie Breaks His Rotten Tomatoes Hot Streak

Ben Affleck was on a hot streak in Rotten Tomatoes, but his new movie, Hypnotic, ruined the trend. Ben Affleck has acted in 53 movies since 1992 earning Rotten Tomatoes scores across the entire spectrum from “Rotten” to “Fresh,” and the 2020s were shaping up to be a new career high point until Hypnotic’s poor reviews and Rotten Tomatoes score brought his average score back down.


After decades of ups and down, Affleck’s newest movie, Air, earned a 92 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, giving him a 61 percent average for every movie released since 2020, just one point lower than his career-best 62 percent average for every Ben Affleck movie released in the 1990s. A score of 66-73 percent would have made his 2020s Rotten Tomatoes average tied with his 1990s average, and 73 percent or higher would have bumped him to a career-high 63 percent. Unfortunately, Hypnotic‘s Rotten review score brought his average down, although he could still return to a career-best score in the 2020s.

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Hypnotic Ruins Ben Affleck’s Peak Rotten Tomatoes Score

Hypnotic reviews earned a 38 percent score in Rotten Tomatoes, ruining Affleck’s shot at a career-best Rotten Tomatoes average. While 38 percent is quite low, it’s far from Affleck’s worst-scoring movie. In fact, Hypnotic is only Affleck’s 16th lowest-scoring movie in Rotten Tomatoes. With 53 movies under his belt, Affleck has multiple movies in every decimal of the Rotten Tomatoes review scale ranging from his lowest-scoring movie, The Last Thing He Wanted, at five percent to his highest-scoring movie, Good Will Hunting, at 98 percent. While Hypnotic killed his shot at a career-best Rotten Tomatoes average following Air, his next movie The Flash can bring it all back.

Hypnotic Brought Down Ben Affleck’s Rotten Tomatoes Average, But The Flash Can Restore It

Ben Affleck Rotten tomatoes Daredevil The Town Good Will Hunting

Despite Hypnotic derailing Affleck’s Rotten Tomatoes average from surpassing his career best, his next appearance as Batman in The Flash can bring it back up with a sufficiently high enough score. The Flash has received high praise from early screenings from critics and even Tom Cruise. Movies with early positive buzz regularly end up tanking in Rotten Tomatoes, so it’s no guarantee of positivity when the movie actually releases, but a score of 93 percent or higher, can still bring his 2020s Rotten Tomatoes average to a career-best 63 percent average above his 57 percent 2010s average or his 49 percent 2000s average.

Granted, so long as The Flash gets at least a 48 percent in Rotten Tomatoes, the 2020s will remain the decade with Ben Affleck’s second-best Rotten Tomatoes average, so Hypnotic‘s low Rotten Tomatoes score hasn’t totally derailed the positive impact of his recent positive reviews for Air (92 percent), The Last Duel (86 percent), Zack Snyder’s Justice League (71 percent), or The Way Back (84 percent). It’s not clear what movie Affleck will appear in next after Hypnotic, but if the overall more positive trend in his reviews and Rotten Tomatoes scores continues, the 2020s could be a good decade for Affleck movies either way.

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