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Best Tom Holland Movies, Ranked

Tom Holland has been a rising star ever since he landed in the MCU as the latest Spider-Man. This role has made him the youngest star to ever secure playing audiences favorite spidey-hero. Not only that, but he has also won a BAFTA and three Saturn awards. Holland is best known as Peter Parker, but he has been involved in many other films that are just as impressive. When he was younger, he was recognized for his dancing skills, which is how he got the role of Billy Elliot in Billy Elliot the Musical. Shortly after, he landed his first movie, The Impossible.

By 2017, Holland stole everyone’s hearts as he portrayed Spider-Man in the MCU and gained worldwide recognition. Marvel brought Holland into their exciting world as he took lead in three Spider-Man films (so far). However, he still made time to star in other independent films and even animated movies. Holland is a young actor with quite an impressive resume who seems to only keep going. Here are 10 movies that are considered to be some of Holland’s greatest work.

10 Spies in Disguise

Blue Sky Studios

Spies in Disguise is Holland’s first voice acting film. The movie stars Will Smith, who plays the cocky spy, Lance Sterling, who claims he is the best in the business. Holland plays Walter Beckett, who is an MIT graduate that designs weapons for Sterling. Spies in Disguise is proof at how talented of an actor Holland really is and has what it takes to do more voice-acting roles. Holland and Smith are an incredible duo and really bring their characters to life. Forbes praised the movie as being smartly-plotted while being a kid-friendly action comedy that may break real world rules.

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9 Avengers: Infinity War

Avengers-Infinity-War-2018 (2)
Marvel Studios

Avengers: Infinity War was Holland’s first Avengers film to be involved in. The movie was epic, not only in the amount of superheroes that were seen throughout the entire two and a half hours, but also the stunts and introduction of the big bad, Thanos. Holland’s involvement in Infinity War shows just how talented he is as he stole almost every scene he was in. This is extremely impressive when considering the fact that Holland shared the most screen time with Robert Downey Jr. and Benedict Cumberbatch.

8 The Lost City of Z

The Lost City of Z
Amazon Studios

The true story of explorer Percy Fawcett and his expedition into the Amazon is the plot of The Lost City of Z. The movie shows off an ensemble cast, with Holland securing a supporting role. Percy is in search of a lost civilization and, along with his pregnant wife and son, played by Holland, risk disease and cannibals all in hope of making a name for himself. Robert Pattinson and Sienna Miller also star in this adventure movie that is considered to be a financial flop in the box office. Critcs praised The Lost City of Z for its direction and how the jungle was beautifully shot.

7 Uncharted

Tom Holland as Nathan Drake and Mark Wahlberg as Victor Sullivan in Uncharted
Sony Pictures

The video game adaptation was finally released after many delays. Uncharted is a very popular video game and fans were excited to see who would become their favorite treasure hunter. Holland stepped into the role as Nathan Drake, while Mark Wahlberg would play his partner Sully. The movie did not receive the best reviews from critics, but the fans of the video game praised the movie for keeping the spirit of the game. Holland and Wahlberg also produced an unlikely duo, but their chemistry on screen led to being the best part of the film. Uncharted had box office success and is likely that Holland became a part of another franchise.

6 Spider-Man: Far From Home

Spider-Man Far From Home Poster
Sony Pictures Releasing

Spider-Man: Far From Home is the second film in Holland’s Spider-Man trilogy. It takes place after Avengers: Endgame and has Peter Parker dealing with the loss of his mentor and friend Tony Stark. The movie is entertaining adventure as Peter figures out if he wants to continue being the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. Jake Gyllenhaal is Spider-Man’s latest villain in Far From Home and gives life lessons to Peter that ultimately carry over into the events of No Way Home. Holland’s trilogy is a new iteration of the Spider-Man stories that fans have never seen before.

5 Cherry

Tom Holland Cherry (1)
Apple Original Films

Cinema Blend details how the Russo brothers and Holland team up once again, but they are taking a break from the MCU in Apple TV’s Cherry. The movie is about a former army medic who returns home after serving his country. The veteran developed PTSD and, to deal with it, he starts using drugs. However, his new habit is extremely expensive and needs to be supplemented somehow, so he starts robbing banks.

Cherry is a departure from Spider-Man for Holland, but allows him to stretch his acting muscles. Critics praised the film for the Russos’ choosing Holland to play the main character as they made him feel believable.

4 Spider-Man: No Way Home

Spider-man No Way Home
Marvel Studios / Sony

Spider-Man: No Way Home was probably the best crossover movie event to ever hit the theaters as the movie was able to get Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire to reprise their roles as Spider-Man. No Spider-Man live action movie has ever had three generations of Spider-Men on-screen before, and was the perfect celebration of Stan Lee’s creation.

No Way Homeis the final movie in Holland’s first trilogy and allows the previous Spider-Men a redemption arc for their characters. Holland carried the movie as his character dealt with some heavy losses and showing that he may be the best Spider-Man audiences will ever see.

3 The Devil All the Time

DevilAllTheTime (1)

The Devil All theTime shows how Holland is able to be diverse as an actor. His character is an unlucky man that has to deal with the corruption of the small town he’s in. The movie has an amazing ensemble cast which includes Robert Pattinson and making this the second movie the two have starred in together. This is also Holland’s first “dark” role since becoming everyone’s neighborhood friendly Spider-Man.

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2 The Impossible

The Impossible
Warner Bros. Pictures 

A family vacation to Thailand quickly turns into a disaster as a tsunami tears apart the hotel they are staying in, leaving everyone alone without aid. The Impossible is based on a true story and is the first feature film Holland was involved in. The film is extremely intense to watch as this family fights to get back together. It features amazing performances by Holland, Naomi Watts, and Ewan McGregor that make it hard to look away. Game Rant describes Holland’s pleas and cries as incredible and may be one of the greatest children performances ever to hit the big screen.

1 Spider-Man: Homecoming

Spider-Man: Homecoming Jacob Batalon as Ned Leeds and Tom Holland as Peter Parker
Marvel Studios

Holland’s first solo movie as the lead and the one that shot him to fame is Spider-Man: Homecoming. The retelling of Spider-Man doesn’t show how Peter gets his powers, but instead illustrates how he deals with having powers and being a teenager. Holland’s performance is a lighter touch to the neighborhood’s friendliest superhero than audiences have seen before. Homecoming really set the tone for how Holland’s Spider-Man would be set up. Critics praise his performance and call his movies the best Marvel has produced.

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