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Biden’s DHS Is Offering Concierge Service for Illegal Aliens – Government Employees will Pick Up Their Tagged Bags at the Border for Them (Video) | The Gateway Pundit

The Biden regime is offering concierge service for illegal border crossers.

Real America’s Voice correspondent Ben Bergquam reported from the Yuma, Arizona border on Monday on The War Room.

During his discussion Bergquam reported that last night the illegals he met were from Moldova, Egypt and Sudan. It is a global invasion! Hundreds were streaming into Arizona last night.

Ben Berqguam then reported on this amazing development. The border patrol is now picking up bags at the border owned by illegals and delivering them to their location. As Steve Bannon reported – It is an illegal alien concierge service!

Ben Bergquam: Hey, Steve. We got in here late last night, and just to kind of test the water, see what the pulse was down here, if it was continuing or not, if my orchestras, by some amazing feat, actually was telling the truth, that the illegal crossings were going to stop. And it not only didn’t stop, it was worse last night than I’ve ever seen it. We had hundreds coming over. And what’s interesting is where they’re coming from. Now, the majority of the people that I interviewed last night were coming from Moldova, from Sudan, and from Egypt. Now, that’s where they’re coming from, all over Africa and Egypt now. And I have a couple of IDs here. We have one from Ghana, one from Nigeria. But the thing that got me the most last night was this. This is a bag tag, but from the Department of Homeland Security, they’re so backed up, they just simply leave the tags out. They had a bag of them left down by the wall. So if you showed up here and there was no Border Patrol here, you could tag your own bag through the Homeland Security and just wait for your Uber Border Patrol pickup to come pick you up has changed here.

Steve Bannon: Stop! My beloved brother, who’s one of the smartest guys I know, actually gave me the concept. He said it’s concierge illegal. It’s a concierge invasion!… You got to give the audience this again. You got to give it again. Hold it. No. You put a tag on a bag, you’ve got snacks, and the phone waiting for you. You literally tag your bag, and they’ll come and pick it up. Please don’t tell me that!

This you must see to believe.

Your tax dollars at work – providing concierge service for illegal aliens.

Via The War Room and Midnight Rider.

This story originally appeared on TheGateWayPundit

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