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Border Patrol Agents Irate After Biden Regime Tips Off Dangerous Illegals on What Entry Points to Avoid as 700,000 to One Million Illegals Gather to Storm the US Border | The Gateway Pundit

Illegal aliens cross open southern border under Joe Biden’s open border plan. Bill Melugin video screengrab

In late April, Republican Congressman Andy Biggs, told Steve Bannon and The War Room he just got off a conference call with certain executives in big border counties in Arizona. The county leaders told him they had just had a briefing by Border Patrol who said along the Southern border of the United States and there’s 700,000 to a million illegal aliens prepared, when Title 42 comes off, to storm the border.

Title 42 ends on Wednesday, May 10. US border states are preparing for a massive invasion into the United States. This is Joe Biden’s plan.

Now border patrol agents are irate after the Biden regime tipped off dangerous illegal invaders what entry points to avoid.

FOX News reporter Bill Melugin reported in a series of tweets.

Bill Melugin: From a strategic standpoint, it is puzzling that DHS would announce this publicly via a press release which essentially gives these evaders/gotaways a heads up that they are coming. Already hearing from frustrated Border Patrol agents saying the operation will now be worthless.

The Border Patrol responded to the Biden regime’s latest unexplainable gaffe.

This story originally appeared on TheGateWayPundit

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