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Box adds generative AI capabilities through OpenAI partnership

Box is getting set to launching Box AI, comprising generative AI models that will be natively integrated into the company’s Content Cloud to help users surface information and generate new content faster.

The new Box AI capabilities will be powered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT API and at launch, will only be available inside the Box Content Cloud, although the company said it has plans to embed Box AI across the Box product suite and support more complex use cases.

Use of Box AI will be regulated by Box’s built-in permissions, designed so that users can only see and interact with the files and content they are allowed to access.

The capabilities announced by Box fall largely into two categories — finding the right information and creating new content.

Box AI will help users find the exact information they need, working with an
organization’s files, resulting in improved accuracy when they need it, the company said in an  announcement Tuesday. When viewing a document in preview, a user can ask questions, and Box AI will be able to answer by, for example, pulling out related insights from other content, including spreadsheets, or summarizing a presentation.

For example, customer service teams will be able to use Box AI to surface insights from hundreds of customer feedback surveys to identify key areas for improvement, while legal teams will be able to ask Box AI to identify key clauses, terms, and obligations from a contract to speed up review cycles.

Using AI to generate new content

For customers wanting to use Box AI to create new content, users will be able to provide a simple prompt within Box Notes and have the technology create content from scratch or generate new material from existing information. For example, agendas, manuals, and reports that build upon information that is already in Box can also be generated using Box AI.

Creatable content types include emails, newsletters, or blog posts, which can then be altered to edit the tone, length, and style.

At the highest level, there are several ways that customers will benefit from AI capabilities in productivity applications, including knowledge-sharing, augmenting routine or mundane tasks like writing summaries, and generating new and revised content, said Holly Muscolino, a group vice president at analyst firm IDC.

Muscolino also noted that Box is not alone in wanting to improve its current offerings with AI integrations. She cited a recent IDC global survey where 37% of respondents said that they are doing some initial exploration of potential use cases, with 24% investing in generative AI technologies in 2023.

“Many folks already use AI in day-to-day tasks and are unaware, however, this technology is a significant leap forward,” Muscolino  said. “[AI] will improve the work experience, but it is early days with governance and other issues still to be resolved.”

Initial access to Box AI will be granted to select Box customers through an upcoming Design Partner Program, with specific pricing and packaging to be announced upon general availability.

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