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Brie Larson Joins Fast X Co-Stars in Campaigning for Female-Led Spinoff

There have been rumors and rumblings of the Fast and Furious franchise branching out with a female-led spinoff film, and Brie Larson is getting in on the campaign to make it happen. A big fan of the movie series, Larson had publicly pleaded with Vin Diesel for a role in Fast X that would wind up coming to fruition with her casting. Now, as she tells Entertainment Tonight, she hopes the next step for her will be to join some of her new co-stars from Fast X for the potential spinoff.

“I don’t think we’d be mad about anything that involved ladies all together,” Larson said. “It was very clear that we would love to spend more time together.”


“There’s nobody better,” added Michelle Rodriguez, who’s been a part of the franchise since the original film in 2001. “I’m all about it! Bring it!”

Jordana Brewster, who also joined the Fast and Furious series in the original film and returns in Fast X, added, “Here’s what I would like to see. I would like to see Charlize [Theron], me, Natalie [Emmanuel], Michelle, Brie. I would like to see us all kick some ass together!”

Theron was also asked by ET about the spinoff following these comments. She credited Rodriguez for doing the most to get her cast in the franchise in the first place and is stoked to see that she’s also been pushing for the potential female-focused spinoff to happen as well.

“[She] was really the push behind [my casting], and has been for I think all the females that have joined this cast so I’m really grateful to her putting it out there, saying we should do this,” Theron said.

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Fast X Will Be the Second or Third to Last Fast and Furious Film

Universal Pictures 

Perhaps Vin Diesel and Co. are trying to wrap up the main series before focusing on any of the other spinoffs. Fast X was intended to be the penultimate installment of the main movie series with one more movie planned to wrap things up. However, it’s now being teased that Fast X could in fact be the first of a trilogy of films, so perhaps the gas in the tank isn’t running out just yet.

In any case, the future of the Fast and Furious films does not necessarily have to be all mapped out for another spinoff to happen. The series has already had one spinoff with Hobbs & Shaw, focusing on Dwayne Johnson’s Luke Hobbs and Jason Statham’s Deckard Shaw, which was released in 2019. For what it’s worth, Universal Pictures film boss Donna Langley has also said she’s totally up for seeing the franchise branch out with the female-led spinoff that Larson and the other ladies of the franchise want to see.

“I would love to see a female Fast,” Langley said last fall. “So would Vin [Diesel]. We have so many great and amazing female characters in our franchise and now there’s the new addition of Brie Larson to add to the incredible roster. I would love to see us do a female Fast.”

Fast X will speed into movie theaters on May 19, 2023.

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