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Business Scheduling Apps: Great Booking App

Software for scheduling appointments has the advantage of taking care of tedious tasks like client cancellations and rescheduling. Making more appointments gives you and your staff more time to focus on doing more practical work. Of course, you must ensure that your chosen app offers all the required features. Additionally, it works with all apps for remote meetings.

Here are several red flags of remote meeting apps:

You should be able to customize your booking experience using the app. The scheduling software used by a personal trainer will differ from that used by a salesperson or a freelance photographer. In addition to scheduling a time and place, the system could ask your clients to specify a purpose for their visit or finish a quick survey if they are brand-new. What you should be able to do with a good scheduling tool.

Scheduling Payment Processing: Due to the fact that many customers choose to avoid using cash during the pandemic — and now — even post-pandemic, many businesses are required to accept payments online in advance. Additionally, money online in advance might stop income loss brought on by last-minute cancellations.

Calendar sync is essential to make your life easier. No one enjoys entering data twice. As a result, the system ought to display appointments, shop closings, holidays, and vacations on both sides of the program. Make sure your consumers can schedule appointments from a variety of places. Through a link or your Facebook page, perhaps. All apps should offer a variety of options for scheduling needs.

Equipment Scheduling: Depending on your workflow, you can prefer or require a piece of specific equipment. Therefore, pick an appointment scheduling program that works with the iPad, desktop, and mobile app of your choice. When you can work on multiple devices, you will quickly get work done while playing the waiting-in-line game (at the store, in the car, etc.).

1. SetMore

The scheduling tool from SetMore is wonderful in that it doesn’t require any technical expertise to use. That doesn’t imply that it lacks strength.

Advantages of SetMore

Easy to use this application. As a result, His wizard makes sure you don’t miss a step, and His uncomplicated layout makes navigation simple. You can still view your appointments when offline, thanks to the desktop application. This feature is unique to this supplier.

On websites created with website builders, CRMs, or newsletter services (Mailchimp and Constant Contact), the system might display your booking service.


SMS reminders are absent from the free plan. However, email messages should suffice.

While the technology allows for the customization of booking data, SetMore-hosted booking landing page customization is not possible.

Utilizing SetMore

SetMore is a fantastic, generous free provider. Because of this, this booking tool offers practically everything you could possibly need, and the ability to use it on your desktop while offline may appeal to some. SetMore accepts Square payments and is accessible for 1-4 employee logins and calendars, as well as unlimited reservations.

For $12 per month, you can add two user accounts, SMS reminders for your clients, and two-way calendar syncing.

Check out SetMore here.

Since 2008, has been operational. As a result, among the numerous features that make it one of the best scheduling tools are membership options and a website builder.

How does work?

It offers affordable and generous plans. A good selection of fully responsive booking website layouts are available in the free plan. It is simple to assemble and offers a variety of design options!

Recurring membership payments operate with Stripe everywhere except in the EU, so you may reward your clients with savings and lowered recurring costs by using’s membership option.

Utilize SMTP email customization to integrate with transactional providers like Mailjet or Sendgrid.


If you don’t care about the bells and whistles, the UI could be intimidating. However, most of you will most likely select the free or Basic plan, in which case you can only activate one or three distinctive features.


The appealing solution for a necessary booking website is It was also reasonably priced. Price

Thirty days of free service with one special feature (like payment processing) and automated reminders. Ninety-nine appointments and a system for $9.90 per month.

Test out

3. Calendly-based planning

Atlanta-based Calendly is a well-liked scheduling application for startups. It has a simple user interface and supports an infinite number of appointments.

Calendly Advantages

However, customers may make reservations directly from your website because it integrates with Google, Outlook, Office 365, and iCloud. Automated event warnings are included in even the cheap package, lowering no-show rates.

The automatic operations are important and will help you save a lot of time as a result. You may design your method if it isn’t included in the templates.


SMS alerts and direct links to email marketing and payment processing systems are only available with the Pro ($15) subscription. This implies that the free app cannot be used to receive money. SetMore, however, does. I would advise you to use these Calendly solutions if you have multiple users and want to avoid spending more.

Why utilize Calendly?

Consequently, if you want a cheap choice with limitless appointments.

Contingent Rates

Basic: One free user. One year.

Premium: $10 per user each month

Calendly 2 User

Pro: $15 per user each month

Check out Calendly


Let’s look at MeetFox’s strengths and see if it’s the best scheduling solution for you.

Benefits of MeetFox

The free MeetFox plan allows processing payments and unrestricted meetings.

Only SMS reminders, video conversations made with the included software, and the addition of their logo are permitted for paying users.

You can utilize a pop-up widget or button or incorporate a unique booking page into your website. A WordPress plugin is available for MeetFox users’ convenience.

To prevent you from feeling overwhelmed or confused, the interface is well-designed, and the system guides you through the operations in an easy-to-follow manner. Additionally, if needed, the application may generate bills for independent contractors automatically.


On payments handled using the app, the free plan levies a 5% transaction fee (paid plans don’t). As a result, there are fewer bugs. Additionally, there isn’t a desktop or mobile app for MeetFox.

MeetFox can be used by any business to schedule meetings. Experts highly recommend this software for scheduling appointments because it offers a generous free plan and a great user experience.

MeetFox Pricing

As a result, the bundle includes payment processing and limitless meetings.

A pro account with SMS reminders, video calling, and customization is $15 per user each month.

Lastly, a Premium account upgrade that includes domain personalization, group calling, and multi-party booking costs $42.

Take a look at MeetFox here.

These are just a few examples of apps that have worked for me.

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