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Carl Radke Says There Is ‘More’ To Do To Repair Friendship With Kyle Cooke

The most engaging relationship of Summer House is that of Carl Radke and Kyle Cooke. It’s the bromance that stood the test of time, even as Carl took a VP position at Kyle’s Loverboy company. Working together wasn’t an issue. The two fellas couldn’t navigate past Lindsay Hubbard and her presence in Carl’s life.

As Lindsay and Carl’s love deepened, it appeared that more was at stake for Kyle. Seemingly at the publicist’s behest, he quit his job at Loverboy. Kyle’s wife, Amanda Batula, entered the drama. And that put more pressure on him.

Carl proposed to Lindsay on the a recent Summer House episode. She said yes. And despite everything, Kyle, Amanda and the other housemates celebrated the new couple. Danielle Olivera sulked through it all, but that’s another matter entirely. So the fundamentals are there for Kyle and Carl’s friendship, but there is still some ways to go.

Carl says ‘there is more to it’ to mend the relationship

In their most toxic blowout to date, Kyle called Lindsay a “f–king horrible person.” During his appearance on the Not Skinny But Not Fat podcast, Carl confirmed that his friend “apologized” for the language.

“We have gotten together. I’m proud that we’ve moved forward a little bit but there’s still more to it for me and our relationship to move forward in a more positive way,” Carl explained.

The former Loverboy VP added, “The real life moments have been really amazing and really hard,” he teased. “Friends can have their ups and downs but I think our friendships are going to take on new shapes.”

Of course, Carl is referring to his altered friendship with Kyle. But his relationship with Lindsay also changed the dynamic between the betrothed couple and Danielle. And while they’ve come a long way since that ill-fated evening, Kyle and Carl may never reclaim their friendship of yore.

“But that’s OK. We don’t want to see [that],” Carl said. “I’m in a serious relationship, he’s married. I hope we can continue to forgive.”

Participating in a reality TV show holds a mirror to all a person’s interactions. Carl called it a “unique” situation. “There is a lot of grace we try to practice,” he added.

A lot went down that night on Summer House. Amanda was triggered after Danielle labeled her as the most untrustworthy in the group. Her tears provoked Kyle into a protective mode. That’s when he went off on Lindsay.

“She’s a f–king horrible person, and it makes me sick that my best friend thinks he’s going to marry her,” Kyle said to his wife in the hopes of comforting her.

The Loverboy founder then said, ““She’s ruining everything. She’s completely brainwashed my best friend,” he continued. “My wife’s crying. It all stems back to Lindsay. Everything stems back to Lindsay. God, good luck to Carl. They’re a package deal of chaos.”

Carl did not react in the moment. But he was heated during his confessional. Despite wanting to “fight” Kyle in the moment, Carl held back. Why attack the boss?

“I’m incredibly angry and frustrated. One of your best friends yelling at your girlfriend in that manner is ugly and disrespectful,” he explained at the time. “If it wasn’t someone like my friend who’s my boss, it would be different obviously.”

Perhaps Carl is changing within his own right. He’s been living sober. It can’t be Lindsay’s fault all the time.

“My instinct’s like, ‘I’ll just beat the f–k out of you. I’ll fight you.’ That’s what old Carl would’ve done, and I don’t want to live like that anymore,” he added.

Summer House continues Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.


This story originally appeared on Realitytea

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