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Chicago Residents Who Voted for Biden in 2020 Outraged Over Plan to Release Illegal Immigrants Into Their Community | The Gateway Pundit

South Shore, Chicago residents were outraged with the city’s plans to bring in illegal immigrants to their neighborhood.

The Chicago Mayor’s Office is making plans for housing up to 500 illegal immigrants at the old South Shore High School, but officials have not clarified for how long.

Many South Shore locals were opposed to the proposals because they believe it is unacceptable for the city to rush to help the migrants after disregarding the Black community’s concerns for so long, according to Block Club Chicago.

The Gateway Pundit reported Thursday that the residents criticized the release proposal and urged city officials to take action to halt the impending inflow during the council meeting earlier this week.

The elected officials could barely get a word in as residents expressed their anger over the plan.

People are concerned about crime and the fact that they weren’t consulted on the idea before it began to move forward.


During a protest, residents in South Shore voiced out that the arrival of illegal aliens into their community will diminish the black vote.

“Having over 500 people in our community would completely wipe out any interest we have,” said one angry resident. “Are you aware that there are immigrant advocates at state houses all over this country who are advocating for noncitizen voting in local elections? What if that happened here?”

“That would change the mindset of what we as a black community, need to thrive here in Chicago. That’s a concern of ours. This is much bigger than the mayor of Chicago or the Chicago Police Department. This is an effort to destroy our neighborhoods and silence our voices even further,” he added.

“Why would any leader put our black communities, already riddled with crime, at further risk by placing unvetted, nontaxpayers steps away from our seniors, our children, and our homes we’ve worked so hard on our own to secure?” he added.

“We are at war, people. Our communities are at war. They are violating our communities,” said another angry resident.

Data shows that 74% of Cook County, of which South Shore is a part, voted for Biden, while only 24% voted for Trump.

Reports claim that residents of South Shore voted for Biden by a whopping 97%.

This what they voted for.


Now, two South Shore residents have filed suit to prevent the city of Chicago from turning a former high school in the area into a “respite center” for illegal aliens who have been bused to Chicago.

Block Club Chicago reported:

Natasha Dunn, J. Darnell Jones and “South Shore neighbors” are plaintiffs to the lawsuit filed Thursday in Cook County Circuit Court against the city and Chicago Public Schools.

They argue using the former school as a temporary shelter violates zoning laws and the terms of the lease between CPS and the city, which allowed the property to be used as a police and fire training center until 2028, attorney Frank Avila said at a press conference Thursday.

The respite center plans pose “a potential threat to the safety, property and overall well-being” of South Shore neighbors, according to the complaint. They also cited a lack of transparency from city officials and slow police response times in the neighborhood as reasons for their effort to block the shelter from opening.

“It’s not just about the people [in South Shore], it’s also about … the immigrants themselves, because you’re putting them in areas where there’s a different culture, a different language,” Avila said. “They also are in an area of high crime, so we’re further traumatizing those who may have PTSD or other issues.”

Avila filed a temporary restraining order Wednesday, seeking to prevent migrants from moving in “until the court has had the opportunity to fully consider the merits of the plaintiff’s claims.” A hearing on the petition is expected tomorrow or Monday, he said.

This story originally appeared on TheGateWayPundit

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