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Clckr’s Stand & Grip review: performance, specs, cost

The stand can be used in portrait or landscape modes to watch your favorite shows

Clckr’s Stand & Grip for iPhone is a MagSafe-compatible accessory that’s good for the office but isn’t one we’d trust to hold our phone for our next vacation sunset and cliff photo op.

Clckr has been around since 2021, contending with stand and grip functionality companies providing similar accessories, like PopSocket.

Clckr’s Stand & Grip would suit consumers looking for an average, no-fuss, on-the-go dual-functionality grip or stand who wouldn’t be averse to replacing the accessory annually.

Clckr’s Stand & Grip design

The Stand & Grip has a keyhole design and is fashioned with a 3500 Gauss (G) magnet that is fixtured to the entire backside of the unit. For reference, a refrigerator magnet is about 10G.

The back of the accessory has a 3500G magnet

The back of the accessory has a 3500G magnet

While this sounds quite strong, the accessory pops off too easily for our taste. Of course, the magnetic force could vary depending on the MagSafe phone case that you currently own.

For this particular case, Clckr’s magnet didn’t stay put as well as we would’ve liked.

The front of Clckr’s Stand & Grip is made of plastic. The grip is coated with faux leather to provide a suitable anchor for the hand. It is a no-fuss accessory — perhaps a bit too no-fuss.

While the Stand & Grip does offer antimicrobial protection, the faux leather that coats the strap likely wouldn’t be suitable for sweat or dirt, as it would show wear quickly.

Clckr's Stand & Grip design

Clckr’s Stand & Grip design

Faux leather is also difficult to clean, and a hand sanitizer wipe would only strip the strap of its color. To remedy this, we’d suggest a darker color.

Colors sell out quickly. Currently, there are two colors available on the Clckr website: black and purple.

Using the Clckr Stand & Grip

The Clckr Stand & Grip is multifunctional and can be used as a kickstand or grip for holding your phone on the go.

To use the Stand & Grip as a kickstand, pop open the strap and click it into place. This allows users to set their phone down to FaceTime or stream shows in either portrait or landscape modes.

Clckr's Stand & Grip can be used in landscape modes

Clckr’s Stand & Grip can be used in landscape modes

The click functionality is a bit flimsier than we would like. While propped up, we feared the accessory would snap out of place and throw the phone.

To use as a grip while on the move, open the strap and slide the fingers underneath. When it comes time to charge your phone with your MagSafe charger, pull the device off of the phone.

We like that when the grip stand is attached, your phone will still fit in your pocket, bag, or car phone mount, making it convenient to use while traveling.

While the grip is adjustable to support any hand shape or size, we still don’t feel the magnet or the strap is durable enough to withstand the test of time.

The manufacturer suggests gripping both the phone and Clckr attachment when in use, which to us, defeats the purpose.

The strap is adjustable for all finger and hand sizes

The strap is adjustable for all finger and hand sizes

In theory, the snap-into-place feature is a great feature that upstages its rivals, but the execution could use some work.

Our suggestion: The Stand & Grip strap should be fortified with a magnet to help the accessory click into place in a durable way without wobbling.

We simply don’t hear that satisfying click that assures us that our phone is safe in the accessory’s grip.

This could also solve the strap’s longevity issue.

Should you buy the Clckr Stand & Grip

Clckr’s Stand & Grip, to us, feels like it’s in the beta stage of development. However, with a few more tweaks and fortifications, the accessory could be a favorite for those looking for a stand or grip.

For the rather high price point of $29.99, we would expect something a bit more durable and high quality.

Note that the manufacturer does offer a lifetime warranty, which the user would likely need to utilize in their first year of ownership.

Clckr’s Stand & Grip — Pros

  • Price point is decent for lifetime warranty
  • Grip is comfortable on the hands
  • Compact for travel
  • Antimicrobial protection

Clckr’s Stand & Grip — Cons

  • Overall flimsy feel to the accessory
  • Click into place option should be fortified, too, with a magnet
  • When in portrait or landscape mode on the desk, the accessory is rickety
  • While the accessory boasts a 3500G magnet, we still wouldn’t trust this not to slip or pop off on the go

Rating: 3 out of 5

Where to buy

The Clckr Stand & Grip is compatible with iPhone MagSafe models 12 to 14. It is not compatible with any mini devices. The Clckr Stand & Grip can be purchased directly from Clckr or Amazon for $29.99.

This story originally appeared on Appleinsider

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