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Democrats diss, show contempt for voters with Dianne Feinstein fiasco

The Democrats’ contempt for the average American knows no bottom. 

Sen. Dianne Feinstein is suffering from the after-effects of shingles, encephalitis, brain swelling and a host of other problems.

Reports say she refuses to resign, but how credible is that?

Questioned by reporters, Feinstein didn’t even know she’d been in the hospital. 

No, she’s kept in the Senate by a group of Democrats, including Nancy Pelosi’s daughter, Nancy Corinne Prowda, who is Feinstein’s primary caretaker. 

That’s because they don’t want California Gov. Gavin Newsom to decide who takes her place before the next election.

He may be a Democrat, but he may pick the wrong Democrat. 

But that’s not even the most cynical part.

No, it’s that progressives complained only after Feinstein was missing too many votes, thus thwarting their plans to stack the federal courts. 

It doesn’t really matter if Feinstein doesn’t remember where she is, or John Fetterman can’t form a coherent sentence, or President Biden needs a nap.

Gov. Gavin Newsom can tap Feinstein’s successor, but it could be any Democrat.
AFP via Getty Images

They’re just vessels through which the Democratic establishment can get its way. 

It’s true that Republicans are guilty of putting power over people. Rep. George Santos is still in office only because they worry about their House majority. 

But Democrats are taking this to the next level.

Any questions about Fetterman’s obvious impairment is swatted away as “inappropriate.”

And the media cover for it — in one case “quoting” something he didn’t say. Because what he did say was a mess. 

The message from the Democratic Party is clear: It doesn’t matter whom you vote for as long as they have a “D” next to their name (and can manage to show up to vote as their staff tells them).

Don’t worry your little heads about whether they can actually govern.

We’ll handle the rest.

This story originally appeared on NYPost

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