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Did ‘Fantasy Island’ Just Air a Satisfying Series Finale? (POLL)

[Warning: The following contains MAJOR spoilers for the Fantasy Island Season 2 finale.]

Did we see the end of Fantasy Island? The Season 2 finale aired Monday, May 8 on Fox, and in the absence of a renewal, fans are predicting it could have been the last episode of what they call the “perfect summer show.”

The finale did tie up loose ends and gave the inhabitants of the magical island happy endings. The main conflict of the episode was the fight to keep Ruby (Kiara Barnes) from leaving the island to go off with mermaid lover Isla (María Gabriela González). The siren offered Ruby a life as a mermaid, but she had to make the choice herself. The catch: she could never return to her life on land.

Ruby’s relationship with the aquatic being had made her forget about her past life entirely. To help bring her memories back and save her from being taken by Isla, Elena (Roselyn Sánchez) brought Ruby’s adult daughter, MJ (Gabrielle Byndloss) to the island. MJ believed her mother to be dead for years; her father had told her and her brothers that she died while they were there on vacation. Ruby was her 25-year-old self on this island, which gave her a second chance at life, but she no longer remembered her previous life because of Isla.

Once MJ accepted the reality of the island’s magic, she was able to connect with her mother and heal old wounds made by her death. Elena and Javier were right to predict that MJ was the one person who could break this spell binding Ruby to the mermaid.

After her memories came flooding back, Ruby and MJ reconnected and healed. When it came time for MJ to leave the island, she and Ruby shared one last loving embrace, and then MJ’s memories of her short stint there were wiped away. What was left behind was a sense of acceptance about her mother’s death, allowing MJ to return to her life without her grief weighing her down.

It was an emotional goodbye for Ruby, but she too was left with a sense of peace, having written goodbye letters to each of her three children so they could all move on. Ruby stayed on Fantasy Island, Elena arranged a reunion for Javier (John Gabriel Rodriguez) and his daughter, Helene (Alexa Mansour), and Elena and Javier admitted their love for each other.

Elsewhere in the episode, the island’s magic helped the three wives of Gavin Beck (Jason Priestley), played by Amanda Tavarez, Gillian Vigman, and Camille Guaty, make him feel the depths of the pain he caused them. Like MJ, they left the island having healed old wounds.

With everything coming to a happy ending, fans fear the Fantasy Island Season 2 finale could have been its last episode. But they’re still keeping fingers crossed for a Season 3.

“I recently lost my mom and this show always makes me cry. I truly hope that your show is renewed for Season 3,” one fan tweeted.

“Felt like a series finale,” said another.

“Such a beautiful ending. I hope the show returns. Perfect summer show,” another fan said.

Fox has not yet revealed Fantasy Island‘s fate. If this was the series finale, would you be satisfied with the ending? Let us know in the poll below.

This story originally appeared on TV Insider

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