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Did Tom Sandoval Hint Raquel Leviss Relationship Is Over at Concert?

Vanderpump Rules star Tom Sandoval shared that he’s one month sober and gave a cheeky hint that he and Raquel Leviss may not be together in his most recent performance. Sandoval, who’s been touring with his band Tom Sandoval & The Most Extras on and off all year, took to the stage in an outfit that seemed to hint at his relationship with Raquel amidst the Scandoval drama. As he performed in a jacked adorned with two neon green lightning bolts, Tom sang some alternate lyrics to the Fountains of Wayne classic “Stacy’s Mom” that led the crowd to believe he and Raquel may be over.

After keeping his affair with Raquel a secret from the rest of the Vanderpump Rules cast, including his partner of nearly a decade Ariana Madix, Sandoval’s secret came out with a bang early in March 2023. Tom and Raquel, who had been growing closer throughout the filming of Vanderpump Rules Season 10, had been doing their best to hide their affair, but it was bound to come out in their tight-knit friend group. While Tom and Ariana had been having issues in their relationship, Sandoval’s betrayal was the final nail in the proverbial coffin. The two are set to share some tense scenes in the upcoming Vanderpump Rules finale, as well as the three-part reunion.

Did Tom say Raquel’s “not the one for him” during performance?

While playing with his band at The Space in Westbury, New York this past week, Tom informed the crowd that it had been one month since he’d last had any alcohol. “I’m just taking a little break for a second,” he explained amidst the cheers from the audience, sipping on a non-alcoholic beer as he toasted the crowd. The band went into a rendition of “Stacy’s Mom” that they’ve changed up, using the lyrics to reference “Schwartzy’s Mom” instead as a homage to Tom’s best friend and business partner, Tom Schwartz.

During the popular chorus of the song, Tom seemed to sing, “can’t you see Raquel is not for me,” out to the crowd, who cheered in response. Others believe that he actually said, “can’t you see Raquel is HOT for me.” While the lyric change may simply be a cheeky nod to his ongoing drama, it would be odd for Tom to choose to sing that specific line if he were still with Raquel, unless the couple is trying to throw fans off their scent. As the Scandoval drama continues to unfold, every little detail has to be accounted for.


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