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Doctor Who 60th Anniversary Clip Teases Gallifrey’s Return After Its Most Recent Destruction

The Doctor Who 60th-anniversary special is on the way, and it could be bringing back the Doctor’s home planet. Gallifrey has had a confused existence over the past few decades. The planet has been seemingly destroyed several times, only to return in pocket dimensions or in flashback sequences. The three upcoming Doctor Who specials could be changing that.

A newly released clip appears to have a hidden message hinting at the return of Gallifrey, as discovered by Bad Wolf Archives on Twitter. Check out the clip below:


When the clip is reversed, David Tennant’s Doctor can be heard saying “She mentioned Gallifrey.” The hint is only the most recent of Doctor Who‘s cryptic teasers, and more is sure to come as filming continues in anticipation of the November release.

What Could Gallifrey’s Return Mean?

If Gallifrey is returning, a major part of the Doctor Who mythos could be unraveled. Returning showrunner Russell T. Davies intends to return the show to its classic roots, but after the Timeless Child revelation from Chris Chibnall’s run, maintaining those roots could be difficult. After all, with the revelation that the Doctor predates the existence of the Time Lords, trying to return to the days of the lonely runaway Doctor could be difficult.

After the Master most recently destroyed Gallifrey, the Doctor discovered that her adoptive planet is not necessarily even her original home. Instead, she is older than Gallifrey and is the source of their power. Gallifrey’s return — or else the discovery of someone who knows more of its secrets — could be exactly the tool that Davies is using to address the Timeless Child retcon. While “The Power of the Doctor” notably elected to overlook the retcon even within Chibnall’s own run, Davies’ first few seasons of Doctor Who show that he isn’t afraid to delve into old lore.

As controversial as the Timeless Child reveal has become, it is still worth exploring and expanding it going forward. After all, ignoring the retcon will be just as damaging as fixing the elements that have scarred the lore of Gallifrey. Doctor Who has spent many years without the Doctor’s planet, and it would be a nice change of pace to see it return and be fleshed out in full.

Source: Bad Wolf Archives / Twitter

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