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Don’t Mess With These Moms! 5 Netflix Titles About Kick-Ass Mothers

Hell hath no fury like a mother wronged. At least that’s the lesson taught by a number of choice viewing options available on Netflix.

Whether wielding a gun or giving good advice—or both—the moms on this page go above and beyond to keep their kids safe from harm, and with Mother’s Day upon us, it’s a good idea to set aside a weekend to binge these crackling films and series.

1. The Mother

In a role reminiscent of Jeff Bridges’ turn in FX’s The Old Man, a camo-clad Jennifer Lopez is an ex-assassin living off the grid who, when bad guys go gunning for her, suddenly finds she needs to come out of hiding to ensure the safety of the daughter she long ago gave up. Joseph Fiennes and Gael García Bernal costar.

The Mother, Original Film, Premieres Friday, May 12, Netflix

2. Kill Boksoon

You think you have trouble multi-tasking? Boksoon’s (renowned Korean star Jeon Do-yeon) day job is hard: She’s a legendary hired assassin. But her night job—as mom to a teen—is grueling. Choosing her family over work, Boksoon gets into a world of trouble when she fumbles her final assignment after finding out a dirty secret about her mission.

Kill Boksoon, Streaming Now, Netflix


3. Sky High: The Series

After word comes that her husband has died, young widow Sole (Asia Ortega Leiva) is left with a choice: Get away from her man’s crime biz or take the reins and support her son. But can she gain the trust of her husband’s longtime crew and unravel the mystery of what happened to him?

Sky High: The Series, Streaming Now, Netflix

4. Unseen

“I am just the cleaner,” says Zenzi (Blood & Water’s Gail Mabalane) while under police interrogation in this gritty six-part South African revenge drama. She may be that, but Zenzi is resourceful at protecting her family after her husband is released from prison and goes missing. Zenzi’s gun-toting attempts to find him lead her into the thick of it with both a crime syndicate and the cops.

Unseen, Streaming Now, Netflix

5. Who Were We Running From?

Mother and daughter mysteriously move from one hotel to the next, living like fugitives. But make no mistake: A trail of dead bodies suggests this mom isn’t the prey but the hunter. A dazzling Melisa Sözen fronts this eerie seven-episode Turkish series where her daughter (Eylül Tumbar) seems like an all-too-willing captive of Mom’s complicated past.

Who Were We Running From?, Streaming Now, Netflix

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