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EPIC – What Are The Chances? AZGOP Chairman Jeff DeWit Walks Into a Restaurant, Gets Destroyed By Kari Lake For Not Supporting Her Election Fraud Lawsuit | The Gateway Pundit

Arizona GOP Chairman Jeff DeWit was confronted by Kari Lake last night while having dinner and a “business meeting” at a restaurant in Chandler, Arizona.

This was right after Kari Lake’s historic trial challenging the stolen midterm election and Maricopa County’s failed mail-in ballot signature verification. The three-day trial concluded yesterday and the Judge will take the matter under advisement.

What are the odds of this? Kari Lake, her incredible attorneys, and volunteers who helped research and develop Kari Lake’s case are having dinner to celebrate the trial, and Jeff DeWit walks by and sits at the table next to them.

Jeff DeWit and the Arizona GOP under Jeff DeWit have not supported Lake’s lawsuit. There have been no tweets or public support of any kind. He constantly claims he works 80 hours a week and is “too busy” to talk about these issues.

In a February interview with leftist hack Brahm Resnik, Dewit would not answer whether or not Kari Lake won her election and said that he is not interested in “litigating the past.” When asked about what went wrong in the last two elections, DeWit responded, “we’re not doing the right things in terms of raising money, registering voters, getting out the and vote and winning elections.”

These people are allowing the left to literally STEAL our Country.

However, after the exchange last night, DeWit published what appears to be his first tweet in support of Kari Lake’s lawsuit and election integrity.

The @AZGOP is proud to be in the election integrity fight! @KariLake is uncovering so much and standing strong in the courts, all while Katie Hobbs is vetoing bills that would safeguard elections and boost U.S. manufacturing,” Dewit tweeted.

He only did this because Kari Lake destroyed him in their conversation.

The Gateway Pundit correspondent Jordan Conradson was invited to the dinner party to discuss the lawsuit with Kari and her team.

When Conradson confronted Dewit, he purported to have no clue that Kari Lake’s historic election lawsuit, which was remanded by the Arizona Supreme Court back to the trial court, was being heard just a few miles from the restaurant. Still, he claimed that election integrity is his top priority.

Lake and her attorneys later spoke to DeWit, and he played dumb, acting like he didn’t know what was going on with Lake’s lawsuit or trial because he was too busy to follow along, according to others close to the conversation. One said that Kari Lake “ripped Jeff a new one” for not showing support on Twitter or the AZGOP’s website.

Attorneys Bryan Blehm and Kurt Olsen also spoke to Jeff and urged him to see the importance of this lawsuit. According to bystanders, Kurt Olsen educated DeWit about the significance of ongoing election challenges across the nation. Blehm also urged DeWit to ensure election integrity across the state, including in local GOP races.

As The Gateway Pundit previously reported, DeWit possibly threatened a lawsuit against the Maricopa County Republican Committee for holding a revote in Legislative District 3 following a corrupt election for leadership positions.

Blehm is seen below with a finger in DeWit’s face, telling him to get serious about supporting fair elections!

Hopefully, Jeff DeWit will finally get serious about election integrity in Arizona.

This story originally appeared on TheGateWayPundit

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