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Every Spoiler in the Latest Season

Spoiler Warning: Obvious Spoilers Ahead for The Mandalorian Season 3

We all have known those despicable spoilsports, the kind of people who find every spoiler they can about that big show everyone’s raving about so that they can spoil the whole thing for those poor unfortunate souls who haven’t had the chance to watch it yet. Those contemptible beings barely deserve the title of human and are some of the worst scum to have ever defiled the Earth.

Oh wait, you’re one of those people? That’s just cruel, but we get it.

Well, now that season three of the pop culture hit Star Wars series The Mandalorian has come to an end, we’ll make it easier for you to learn all the big spoilers without even having to watch the show. Whether you want to punish a friend for not catching up on the latest season or want to know about all the real juicy bits, or don’t have the time and want to know what’s been going on with Mando and Baby Yoda all on one site, then you’re in the right place. So here is every single spoiler about The Mandalorian Season 3.


Cara Dune Was Written Out


Remember when everyone was freaking out in 2020, not over Covid, but about Gina Carano’s sudden surprise firing from Star Wars? Her controversial statements on social media got her in hot water, and Lucasfilm felt the need to let her go, even though her character Cara Dune was a fan favorite and set up to lead her own show.

Fans have wondered for years how Lucasfilm would handle the actress’s absence. Many felt that she would be recast and the character’s legacy would continue, but instead, she was simply written away as Marshall Dune “was recruited by special forces” of the New Republic for bringing in Moff Gideon. And so it seems all future for the character is gone.

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Bo-Katan Won the Darksaber on a Technicality

The Mandalorian

A significant point of season two was the black lightsaber called the Darksaber, an ancient weapon that grants the right to rule Mandalore to whoever wields it. Bo-Katan wanted it badly, as she wanted to lead Mandalore again, but Mando won it after defeating Moff Gideon. Mando tries giving it to Bo-Katan, but by custom, the darksaber must be won in combat, and Mando doesn’t want to fight Bo-Katan or lead Mandalore, so season two leaves a big dilemma.

After years of waiting, fans thought Bo-Katan might attack Mando anyway to claim the Darksaber, or Mando himself might rise up the throne of Mandalore and usher in a new era for all Mandalorians, but we got neither.

In an earlier episode, Mando was defeated by an alien scavenger, who took the darksaber from him, and Bo-Katan rescued him, taking the darksaber from the alien. So Mando gave it to Bo because she had technically won it. Some fans were disappointed by the anticlimactic trade, but it didn’t matter much, as Moff Gideon later destroyed the dark saber.

Speaking of which…

Surprise! Gideon’s the Bad Guy

The Mandalorian season-3 episode 7 moff gideon base

For a while, we didn’t even know who the bad guy was for season three, so there were a lot of rumors and theories floating around about what villain Mando and Grogu might face. After halfway through the season, we hadn’t seen any clue about who the baddie is, and then we were shocked to learn that it is actually…Moff Gideon.

The menacing Imperial warlord, played by Giancarlo Esposito, has been a formidable opponent to our favorite father-son duo, seeking Grogu’s blood and Mando’s head, but after no appearance for a while the mystery surrounding the season’s villain, the sudden return of Gideon basically at the end was somewhat disappointing, even if he was badass when he came back.

Jar Jar Saved Grogu from Order 66

Ahmed Best as Jedi Master Kelleran Beq.

Well, not actually. Jar Jar Binks, the most (in)famous Gungun in the galaxy, is boldly beloved and deeply despised, depending on who you’re talking to. Actor Ahmed Best portrayed him in the Prequel Trilogy, and in The Mandalorian, he also plays the Jedi Kelleran Beq, a master who trained younglings and who rescued Grogu from the massacre at the Jedi Temple.

Fans had been theorizing for years as to who saved the cutest little thing in the galaxy from certain death, that it might have been the legendary Obi-Wan Kenobi or the traitor Bariss Offee, even that Darth Vader might have spared Gorgu’s life, it was someone we’d never seen before, which was great, in a giant galaxy which seems to be getting smaller, a new face is welcome – or really, an old one.

Ahmed Best’s surprise return for such a significant role was fitting, after all the incredibly toxic hate he received over twenty years ago, which he did not deserve for his portrayal as the goofy Gungun, who suffered much due to fan toxicity.

Devastating Deaths

The Mandalorian spies praetorian guard paz dies

Now, to the real classic spoilers. The shockingly sad death of Paz Vizla is a real tear-jerker. When the Mandalorians find themselves trapped in Gideon’s secret base on Mandalore, Vizla bravely holds off the Imperial forces, locking himself in with them so the rest can escape. And after successfully defeating the large force and seemingly able to escape, three red Praetorian Guards come in and make quick work of Vizla, who, after being stabbed several times, holds one in a desperate death grip, which the Guard just shrugs off, and Vizla falls to the ground dead.

Moff Gideon also dies in the finale; he goes out in a real blaze of glory after a huge explosion incinerates him. Though we also found that Gideon was cloning himself in the base before Mando destroyed the tanks they were in, but those might not be the only ones, so that might not be the last we see of Gideon’s face…

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Cool Cameos

Zeb The Mandalorian

Alongside the departures, we had some appearances too. Captain Pallaeon is the real hard one to spot, even though he’s right in front. The Imperial Captain of Grand Admiral Thrawn’s ship, Pallaeon attends a secret meeting with Gideon and other high-ranking Imperials, teasing Thrawn’s return. Pallaeon’s a classic character in the franchise, and this is his first on-screen appearance.

There were many other cameos, mostly actor cameos, such as Jack Black, Christopher Lloyd, Lizzo, Charles Baker, and more, and many fans have complained that The Mandalorian is becoming a bit too much of a cameo show.

And the real big cameo of the season was a doozy, as we see the famous Garazeb Orrelios from the series Rebels. Zeb is the big purple brute with a soft heart, a part of the Ghost crew, and a fan favorite. His first live-action appearance in The Mandalorian signals many things to come, especially in the upcoming Ahsoka series, where we know the rest of the Ghost crew will appear.

Baby Yoda’s First Words

The Mandalorian Grogu


Grogu doesn’t actually speak them, but when he gets into the body of IG-12 and gets his own coach, he finds two buttons that speak in the droid’s voice, “Yes” and “No.” So, of course, like all children, Grogu goes for the No. Again and again and again…

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