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Evil Dead Rise Box Office Success Has Star Reeling

Evil Dead Rise star Alyssa Sutherland is reeling over the film’s box office success. The latest entry in the Evil Dead franchise premiered back in April and follows estranged sisters Ellie (Sutherland) and Beth (Lily Sullivan), who fight to protect their family from the demonic entities known as Deadites. Though intended for HBO Max, reactions from early screenings led to Evil Dead Rise getting a theatrical release. Since its debut, the film has earned over $100 million, along with relative praise from fans and critics.


In a recent interview with Insider, Sutherland shares her reaction to the movie’s box office success. The actor calls it “wild” and reflects on the initial plan to have Evil Dead Rise premiere on the streaming service. Read Sutherland’s comments regarding the box office for Evil Dead Rise below:

It’s so wild. To think that we were gonna go to HBO Max and, instead, this has been the path that it’s taken… like, wait, what? I feel like a lot of people are going to the cinema more than once for it. It’s so cool.

What Evil Dead Rise’s Box Office Means For The Franchise

In its opening weekend alone, Evil Dead Rise made more than the original 1981 movie, taking second place at the box office and outperforming early predictions. The gore teased in its trailer drew anticipation from longtime fans, and setting the film in a dilapidated Los Angeles apartment complex seemed to attract new audiences as well. When it comes to its place in the franchise, not only is Evil Dead Rise now the highest-grossing installment, but it introduced different elements, including the location change and third volume of the Naturom Demonto.

The success of Evil Dead Rise allows the series to expand in the future, and director Lee Cronin is already thinking of potential sequels. In the movie, an earthquake revealed a hidden space beneath Ellie’s building where Danny (Morgan Davies) found the Book of the Dead, along with some recordings made by a priest whose words released the Deadites. Cronin previously explained that an Evil Dead Rise sequel could explore those past events or see a priest battle multiple demons.

Sutherland’s reaction to the success of Evil Dead Rise, especially since it was meant for HBO Max, is exciting to hear. It will be interesting to see how the franchise’s fanbase grows following the release of this film and if its survivors will make another appearance in the future. With the amount of enthusiasm surrounding Evil Dead Rise‘s release, and its box office performance, additional installments seem likely.

Source: Insider

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