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Exploring Campus Life: Getting Involved in Extracurricular Activities

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Universities offer extracurricular activities in addition to advanced laboratories and massive collections of library resources to cultivate soft skills that will ensure their graduates are well-rounded individuals. 

Professional, community, and cultural engagement are all general areas of campus life. Both students who do all the assignments themselves or those who prefer to hire essay writer from online essay writing services can become more immersed in campus life in the following ways. 

Write for the school paper

Writing for the school newspaper is a great way to gain publishing experience and network with other students on campus. It is also a great opportunity to get the word out about issues that matter to them. Most student publications have an office where students can stop by and sign up. Meeting times and community service opportunities may also be advertised in the student newspaper, which probably has an online and social media presence.

Start or join a club

Numerous student-run clubs exist on the campuses of most colleges and universities. Interest groups (in everything from comics to the culinary) and activity groups (anyone up for dancing or hiking) are common examples. Do you feel strongly about a particular social or political issue? The political climate on college campuses has always been huge. So, speaking up about your convictions is a great way to make friends and possibly sway the opinions of others. 

College clubs might have weekly meetings, exhibit at the student union’s fair, or organize peaceful demonstrations on campus. Visit your student resources center on campus for additional information if you are interested in joining a student organization or starting your own.

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Work an on-campus job

Consider getting a job on campus to meet new people and make extra money. Student jobs, including campus tour guide, library assistant, and resident advisor, are very common. Moreover, students with financial needs can often find work-study positions at their colleges. 

On-campus jobs tend to be more flexible with your schedule because employers know that school comes first, which is a plus. As a student, being able to adjust your schedule to accommodate your various commitments is essential. Gaining work experience on campus might also help you gain communication and cooperation skills which are valuable after graduation.

Join intramural sports 

Typically, you have many team sports options at schools, even if you aren’t a varsity athlete. Playing a sport you enjoy is all you need. Find common student sports, or try something new like ultimate Frisbee, flag football, archery, or bowling. Aside from the obvious health benefits, intramural sports are also a fantastic opportunity to connect with people who share your passions. Visit the school’s sports center for information on intramural activities.

Suppose you don’t enjoy participating in sports. You can still enjoy them by watching them from the stands. This is especially popular on big campuses, where there are multiple opportunities to show school spirit.

Find research opportunities

One of the best ways to get interested in college is to participate in research conducted on campus. Students from any academic major can find work supporting lecturers and graduate students with research. Research possibilities are typically highest in academic disciplines like sociology, psychology, and engineering.

Faculty at smaller universities frequently collaborate with undergraduate researchers, while graduate students are the norm at top research universities like Johns Hopkins.

Volunteer research doesn’t often result in compensation or academic credit. However, helping with faculty research could give you a more competitive graduate school application. Gain practical experience by collaborating closely with a professor who might provide an outstanding recommendation when you apply to graduate school. Check out your school’s career center to inquire about available research opportunities.

Volunteering and community service

Volunteering and giving back to your community is a great way to learn new things and meet new people. Service learning and volunteering are becoming standard instructional methods at many universities. 

If you’re not enrolled in any service-learning courses, you can still find opportunities to give back through student-run volunteer groups. Volunteering in the community can take many forms, including:

  • Working with kids;
  • Helping to construct houses;
  • Participating in a street cleanout.

You’ll feel good about yourself for contributing to the greater good of your community, and you’ll gain experience and knowledge that will (surprise!) look well on your resume.

Go to campus events

Many colleges try to get their students more involved by hosting campus-wide events. Job fairs, service projects, and other events can all be planned by the faculty and staff. Academic divisions and departments also regularly offer activities like faculty film screenings. There are likely to be a number of events available to you every month of the year, so always keep an eye out. 

Lastly, college fundraising campaigns are an opportune time for schools to hold special events to generate money for things like new campus buildings. Your school may publicize future events in emails, newsletters, and fliers.

Take away

High levels of campus involvement have been linked to improved academic success and psychological well-being. According to a study from Cal State Sacramento, students involved in campus leadership roles, such as student chapter board members and club presidents or secretaries, had higher GPAs and graduation rates than their peers.

Trying out new things is encouraged during college. You can improve your college experience and open up new doors for yourself by making an effort to meet new people and become engaged in campus activities. If you’re busy with research projects and want to take a break and socialize, consider enlisting an expert from the best research paper writing services and go have fun!

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