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Fake Refugees Destroy Ireland Hotel Industry – America Next? | The Gateway Pundit

The Irish tourism industry is on the verge of collapse, putting the country’s economy in jeopardy after official data revealed that up to 10,000 jobs may be lost due to hotels being used to house illegal aliens.

This means that regional towns won’t be able to participate in the lucrative summer trading season due to the absence of hotel accommodation, which could result in a loss of billions of dollars, as reported by European Conservative.

Housing shortages in the Republic of Ireland have worsened in the past year as a result of the surge of illegal aliens, with 83,000 illegal refugees in 2022.

According to recent data in Ireland, “approximately 58% of International Protection occupants are from countries that are not at war, nor are they from countries suffering from terrorist insurgencies or extreme instability.”

Irish Independent politician Carol Nolan confronted Leo Varadkar on the state’s destruction of the Irish tourism industry and its devastating effects on rural Ireland.

She warned the Irish parliament this week that communities will face financial crisis if there aren’t enough hotels to accommodate the influx of summer tourists.


European Conservative reported:

The Irish government has faced sustained criticism for its use of private hotels to house asylum seekers. It is estimated that approximately one-third of hotel rooms in Ireland are being used to accommodate the recent refugee surge.

Dublin city has seen the emergence of its first refugee “tent city” this month. Online videos show clashes between locals and Middle Eastern refugees.

According to government figures, coastal towns have been most affected by the displacement of tourism jobs. To make matters worse, authorities are worried that an emergency support scheme for hotels could be illegal under EU state-aid regulations.

Ireland has seen grassroots demonstrations against the nation’s runaway asylum system since December, with commentators warning that the Irish government’s overly generous attitude to immigration jeopardises social cohesion.

Authorities issued a warning of potential riots at the nation’s largest refugee centre in Dublin last month due to fears that the month of Ramadan could spark fighting between Muslim and non-Muslim refugees. Ireland has experienced a rise in the number of violent crimes since 2019. Of note was the beheading of two homosexuals last year committed by an Islamist refugee, and, from this past April, the murder of a prostitute for which an Afghan refugee has been charged.

The same situation is occurring in the United States, where Democrat-controlled cities are providing shelter to illegal immigrants while veterans in need are forced to live on the streets.

The Gateway Pundit reported that Chicago reporter William Kelly joined Fox & Friends after exposing a luxury hotel on Chicago’s Magnificent Mile is closed to Americans. Only illegals are allowed.

Kelly recounted his hostile interaction with hotel staff at the Inn of Chicago who would not provide information and told him he “was not welcome because he wasn’t a ‘resident’ at the hotel.”

The hotel’s website states that they are closed for reservations until July, 2023.

In New York, businesses are suffering because of migrant hotels.

The New York Post reported:

Big Apple businesses say they’re losing their shirts over the ongoing migrant crisis.

Owners and staff at Manhattan shops and restaurants told The Post that sales have plummeted — and jobs lost — since City Hall began forking over millions to house migrants in hotels.

“We 100% will have to cut shifts, and some people will lose their jobs over the next four weeks,” said Ana Ivkosic, owner of Cafe Wattle, which is located down the block from a 492-room Holiday Inn in the Financial District that began housing migrants earlier this month.

With well-heeled tourists replaced by penniless refugees from Venezuela, Peru, and Ecuador, revenue has plunged. Total sales for menu items like $2.50 cups of coffee and $10 acai bowls are down 75% some days. The cafe used to clear $2,000 on a good day in January but now might ring up only $500.

“It has not been a decline, it’s been a cliff,” Ivkosic said, adding the café began closing early this past weekend and one staffer is already being let go.

This story originally appeared on TheGateWayPundit

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