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‘Fire Country’ Finale: Diane Farr on Sharon’s Reaction to Bode Drug Test

The following contains spoilers for the season finale of CBS’ Fire Country.

The Fire Country season finale really did a numb3r on Diane Farr’s Sharon.

All whilst keeping a secret from husband Vince (played by Billy Burke), Sharon and Cal Fire contended with a mudslide or two. Amidst that messy mayhem, Sharon and Vince learned from son Bode (Max Thieriot) that his drug test came back positive. That bombshell — couched by Bode’s conspiracy theories or not — proved to apparently be the last straw for Sharon, who collapsed on site and got rushed to the hospital.

There, she and brother-in-law Luke (Michael Trucco) came clean to Vince about what they’d been hiding — no, not any torrid affair, just that Luke is a kidney donor match for Sharon. [Snore] Then, as the finale drew to a close, Sharon was on hand at the parole hearing where Bode, for reasons unbeknownst to anyone bu the viewer, lied to the board that he had relapsed and was dealing drugs at Three Rock.

TVLine spoke with Diane Farr about bringing “sexy” 5osomethings to TV with Billy Burke, Fire Country‘s abundance of fantastic hair, and Sharon’s admittedly “out of character” reaction to Bode’s news.



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