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For The First Time, Julie Bowen Discussed Her Past Romantic Experiences With Women

Julie Bowen has stated that even though she identifies as straight, she has had an experience in which she fell in love with a female. No, I’m not gay. I have never been gay or bisexual. The actress from Modern Family disclosed this information in the most recent edition of her podcast titled “Quitters.” During our conversation, she said, “I was in love with a woman for a time, but she did not love me back.”

She had a thing for ladies but didn’t feel the same about me. Continued Bowen, who was 52. Since it never took off, I was never forced to question how I conceived of myself in terms of my sexuality.

Following the guest alumna of The Bachelor, Becca Tilley’s statement that coming out was a stressful experience for her, particularly after appearing on two seasons of the ABC show, the actress decided to declare her sexual orientation.

The reality TV star, who is 34 years old and is dating Hayley Kiyoko at the moment, shared with Bowen that he is attracted to people.

One day people won’t be forced to come out, as doing so adds a lot of extra stress and weight to their lives. She said that given how challenging life is, falling in love should be a simple, beautiful experience that no one should feel the need to justify to anybody else.

When individuals ask others to define themselves, they frequently inquire about a person’s sexual inclination and what they do in the bedroom, according to Bowen, who portrayed Claire Dunphy on the television show Modern Family.

She stated that what you do with your body should not be the first thing that we learn about someone or be concerned about because it is none of our business. I share your wish that people won’t need to leave their homes all the time.

This story originally appeared on Celebrityinsider

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