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‘Ghosts’ Season 2 Finale: Who Got [Spoiler]’d in Cliffhanger Ending?

Ghosts‘ Season 2 finale left fans with a big cliffhanger to ponder until the CBS comedy returns for its third season.

At the end of the episode, Sam and Jay sat in their car and agreed not to take an offer from the Four Seasons to sell the Woodstone estate. Now that the ghosts have become like family, they don’t want to leave them. As the couple talked about how much the spirits have come to mean to them, a blinding white light suddenly beamed down over their house.

“Oh my God, I think one of the ghosts just got sucked off!” a shocked Sam exclaimed. (Press PLAY above to watch the scene and read TVLine’s full finale recap here.)

While Jay hoped that it was Trevor who went off into the great beyond, there are a lot of other candidates for who might have possibly moved on to Heaven. Now that he and Isaac are engaged, perhaps Nigel got closure on his unfinished business and was “sucked off”? Maybe Stephanie the teenage attic ghost is so happy with her basement beau that her spirit left this realm? Or is the show daring enough to bid goodbye to one of its series-regular ghosts?!

Of course, the answers to these questions won’t be revealed until the Season 3 premiere (airing this fall, hopefully!). But until then, we want to know who you think is the victim of the finale cliffhanger. Cast your vote in the following poll, then hit the comments with all your theories!


This story originally appeared on TVLine

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