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Google unveils $1799 Pixel Fold, the latest Android folding smartphone

Pixel Fold

Google’s new Pixel Fold smartphone merges the utility of its Pixel line with a folding design that expands into a sleek tablet — for $1799.

When Pixel Fold is closed, it has a conventional smartphone shape that comfortably fits in your hand and slides into your pocket. However, upon opening, it unveils a 7.6-inch screen that has a slimmer profile than any other foldable phone currently available in the market.

In designing this foldable device, Google says that it ensured form and function were not compromised. The majority of the Pixel components, including the camera, battery, speakers, and haptic technology, were “ingeniously redesigned” to fit within the slender profile.

Furthermore, the custom-built hinge contributes to the phone’s thinness while simultaneously doubling as the most durable hinge available. Finally, Pixel Fold has an IPX8 rating for water resistance.

Google Fold — Pricing & Availability

The Google Fold is available to preorder for $1,799, and includes a free Wi-Fi Google Pixel Watch. Orders made today will arrive as soon as June 27.

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This story originally appeared on Appleinsider

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