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GOP Disgraces Itself As Kevin McCarthy Will Keep George Santos In The House

Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy is going to keep George Santos in the House by making sure that the expulsion vote fails.

Video of McCarthy:

McCarthy won’t tell the Ethics Committee to stand down as the DOJ investigates, and it looks like he has the votes to refer Santos for a committee investigation:

All of this is a delay tactic by McCarthy because he needs Santos’s vote in the House. Kevin McCarthy is keeping a felony indicted congressman in the House because his majority is too small, and he can’t afford a single lost vote.

McCarthy’s behavior and the House Republicans following him off this cliff are disgraceful.

Speaker McCarthy is showing no respect for the House as an institution. It could be months, a year, or even longer before the ethics investigation is completed.

For the good of the country, George Santos should never have been seated in the House. One of the tasks that voters must accomplish in 2024 is to restore decency and the rule of law back to the House by getting rid of the Republican majority.




This story originally appeared on Politicususa

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