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Herschel Walker Implicated In Alleged Massive Campaign Finance Violations And Fraud

Herschel Walker is alleged to have illegally solicited funds for his business through his Senate campaign, which at minimum, is a serious campaign finance violation, and at worst, fraud.

The Daily Beast reported:

Emails obtained by The Daily Beast—and verified as authentic by a person with knowledge of the exchanges—show that Walker asked Washington to wire $535,200 directly to that undisclosed company, HR Talent, LLC.

And the emails reveal that not only did Washington complete Walker’s wire requests, but he was also under the impression that these were, in fact, political contributions.

Herschel Walker asked one of his donors for more than half a million dollars and had the donor wire the money to his personal company, while the donor was under the impression that he was donating to help the campaign.

According to the report, Herschel Walker knew that campaign finance limits, so his behavior appears not to have been an accident. If Walker took money that a donor believed was going to the Senate campaign or the super PAC supporting Walker and used it for his own business, that is fraud.

By the way, Walker soliciting money for the super PAC is also illegal, so it looks like investigators can pick their own adventure on where they want to begin on Herschel Walker.

The people of Georgia appear to have dodged a huge bullet by not electing Walker.

There were red flags all over Herschel Walker and his business lies, but the former Republican Senate candidate might have done something during his campaign that could land him in prison.


This story originally appeared on Politicususa

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