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Honkai: Star Rail – Best Character Builds For Natasha

Natasha is one of two available healers in Honkai: Star Rail whose character build can only be topped by Bailu the 5-Star dragon girl and her fantastic healer kit. As a free healer, Natasha will appear on most team comps to help keep the group alive. She is a 4-Star Physical character of the Abundance path and the best doctor in the Underworld.

When Natasha heals allies with her Skill in Honkai: Star Rail, they get an immediate boost of healing followed by a smaller boost at the start of the next two turns. This healing is increased if the ally’s HP is below 30%. By combining this Skill with her team-healing Ultimate, Natasha can keep her friends alive through the most challenging boss fights.


Best Light Cones For Natasha

Natasha has no shortage of Abundance Light Cones in Honkai: Star Rail. However, as of Version 1.0, the only 5-Star Light Cone available for her kit is Time Waits for No One, Bailu’s signature Light Cone. This Light Cone is perfect for all healers, increasing Max HP by up to 30% and Outgoing Healing by up to 20%. The Light Cone also keeps track of Outgoing Healing and deals extra DMG of the wearer’s type to a random enemy when an ally attacks.

Time Waits for No One is perfect for Natasha because it increases her incredible healing and allows her to deal Physical DMG. When in combat against enemies with Physical Weakness, this will enable Natasha to activate their Weakness Break and spares the player from adding a second Physical character to their comp to accommodate.

Post-Op Conversation, meanwhile, is Natasha’s best 4-Star Light Cone in Honkai: Star Rail. The memory within shows Natasha talking to a patient after life-saving surgery. This Light Cone increases Energy Regeneration Rate by up to 16% and the Outgoing Healing of her Ultimate by up to 24%. This is actually a stronger boost than Time Waits for No One, but the tradeoff is a limited trigger.

If players lack both Time Waits for No One and Post-Op Conversation, and they have some money to spend on Honkai: Star Rail‘s battle pass, they can use Warmth Shortens Cold Nights. This Light Cone actually provides a bigger Max HP boost than Time Waits for No One (up to 32%) and can heal all allies by up to 4% of their Max HP whenever Natasha uses her Skill or Basic.

Since Natasha’s kit is centered around constant healing, Warmth Shortens Cold Nights allows her to remain effective even when she does not have any Skill Points to spend, since she can heal through her Basic attack.

Best Relics & Planetary Ornaments For Natasha

An in-game screenshot of Honkai: Star Rail's Natasha looking at something off-screen.

As a healer in Honkai: Star Rail, there is really only one Relic set that makes any sense for Natasha’s kit. Natasha is most effective with a four-piece Passerby of Wandering Cloud Relic set. This is to go-to set for healers, as it increases Outgoing Healing by 10% at two pieces. At four pieces, team comps with the wearer get an extra Skill Point at the start of combat. The four-piece perk is great all around, but the two-piece perk is perfect for Natasha.

In the realm of Planetary Ornaments available in Honkai: Star Rail, Fleet of the Ageless is Natasha’s best set. This Planetary Ornament increases the wearer’s Max HP by 12%, providing Natasha with a boost to her healing. The set can also boost ally attack, but only if the wearer has 120 SPD or higher. Since Natasha’s base SPD is 98, it is not worth investing in this secondary perk.

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Tips For Building Natasha

Natasha prepares her Ultimate, aiming her cannon to the sky

Natasha only cares about two Relic stats in Honkai: Star Rail; HP% and Outgoing Healing. The Body Relic is the only Relic that can have Outgoing Healing as a main stat, which makes it a top priority for Natasha. Everything else should have HP% as its main stat. HP% should also be the focus of substats, but if Natasha can have Relics with flat HP or Break Effect, it would be the perfect Relic.

Since players are guaranteed one copy of Natasha as they work through the main story of Honkai: Star Rail, it isn’t hard to collect her Eidolon. Her healer build is best strengthened by Eidolon level two, which provides continuous healing to one ally with HP below 30% after Natasha’s Ultimate for one turn.

The other Eidolon are optional. Even if players never touched Natasha’s Eidolon or upgraded her Traces, she still remains an amazing healer to support every major battle in Honkai: Star Rail.

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