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How To Complete All Lost & Found Quests

Lost & Found quests are optional missions for players to complete in Dead Island 2, with all of them providing weapons or other great rewards.

The horrific streets of Hell-A in Dead Island 2 have 15 different Lost & Found quests that players can try to complete since all these missions grant powerful weapons and even some rare achievements. Divided into 6 Lost Weapons and 9 Missing Persons missions, players might struggle to activate these goals at first. Only by picking up key items scattered across the map can players at least start the Lost Weapons quests.

Special items are especially hard when areas of the map are locked off, so players might want to finish the main story quests before trying to tackle every Lost & Found objective. While many missions might show up naturally while navigating, Lost Weapons quests are better saved for when players actually beat the game. Thankfully, the 9 Missing Persons quests are obtained from the HQ’s wall in Ocean Avenue.

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How To Complete Every Lost Weapon Quest

Dead Island 2 Pool in Beverly Hills for Clean and Snatch Quest one of 15 Lost & Found Quests in the Game

Out of the 6 Lost Weapons quests, players will have to travel to six different spots in Hell-A. Many of the journals or clues for these goals can only be activated if players have reached a certain point in the main story or finished certain side quests. There are multiple objectives that players need to address for every weapon, which typically consist of collecting some items and defeating a powerful zombie.

Lost Weapon Quest

Where to Find

How to Unlock

How to Complete

“The Clean and the Snatch”

Beverly Hills

Pick up Journal #1: A Parting Gift from the Pool outside Beverly Hills Headquarters.

  • Find 3 other Journals (Dave’s Phone, Note from Michael, Obi’s Phone)
  • Defeat the Obi the Pool Guy zombie at the “GOAT Pen” in Bel-Air
  • Use Obi’s Keys to unlock the Obi’s Things lockbox back at the Pool

“My Mailman Was A Zombie!”


After finishing the main story and side quest “#Clickbait,” pick up a Journal behind the delivery truck on Alphine Dr. in Bel-Air.

  • Find 3 Mail Packages from the villas around Bel-Air
  • Defeat powerful zombie Wayne the Mailman wherever the third Mail Package was collected
  • Use the Mailman’s Keys to unlock the weapon crate behind the delivery truck

“Fool’s Gold”

The Pier

Defeat the Crusher zombie named Dante below The Pier’s Lifeguard HQ and collect the item Journal: A Totally Legit Letter after finishing the main story.

  • Find 3 Journals (Deep Shit, Meeting of the Minds, and Flaws in the Plan) around The Pier
  • Travel east of the Lifeguard HQ to where the Buried Safe is in the middle of the sandy path
  • Defeat a couple of waves of zombies
  • Use the code from the Journals to dig up and unlock the Buried Safe

“Jo’s Rainy Day Stash”

Venice Beach

Once Main Quest #14 has been completed, pick up the Journal: Jo’s Rentals in the building with a shark on it in Venice Beach.

  • Pick up Jo’s Staff Room Key on the right of the window players need to smash to get in the building
  • Find 3 Journals (Jo’s Secret Stash, Jo’s Beloved Baby, Jo’s Final Farewell) along the street of Venice Beach
  • Locate Jo’s Stash on the roof of Marla’s Tapas & Tacos while avoiding zombies and explosive traps


Venice Beach

After finishing the main story and every side quest, pick up a Journal from the Lt. Ford zombie found in the barracks to the west of Venice Beach.

  • Go to the northwest area of Venice Beach to a container with an electric hazard trap in front of it
  • Destroy the blocks blocking the path to the container to find a Stash at the other end

“Drunk and Disorderly”

Ocean Avenue

Once the main story has finished, pick up Journal #1: Dudes Who Chug in a bathroom on the ground level of Lotusville Mall past the door with a golden “1”.

  • Find 3 Journals (Dudes Who Get Inked, Dudes Who Get the Munchies, and Dude, Interrupted) from the Tattoo Parlor, “Lenny’s,” and the Pier Grill, respectfully
  • Defeat the Firestorm Slobber zombie combat type in Dead Island 2 named “Jordan” and loot it for Jordan’s Car Keys
  • Back in Ocean Avenue, go to Serling Hotel to the south and find the white SUV past the “Staff-Only” door and open a weapon chest inside

Rewards From the Lost Weapons Quests

Dead Island 2 Party Starter Legendary Weapon Found Through Side Quest in Hell-A

Lost Weapon Quest


“The Clean and the Snatch”

  • 2000 XP
  • Electrocutor Officer’s Sword (Unique Melee Weapon)

“My Mailman Was A Zombie!”

  • 2000 XP
  • Raven (Unique Rifle)

“Fool’s Gold”

  • 2000 XP
  • Blood Rage (Unique Dagger)

“Jo’s Rainy Day Stash”

  • 2000 XP
  • Primed Crowbar (Unique Melee Weapon)


  • 2000 XP
  • Bodycount (Legendary Assault Rifle)

“Drunk and Disorderly”

  • 2000 XP
  • Party Starter (Unique Brass Knuckles)

How to Complete Every Missing Persons Quest

Dead Island 2 Nadia's Map for Missing Persons Lost & Found Side Quest

Missing Persons show up once players progress through a certain part of the main story as red icons on the map. Players can choose to pursue these lost people by taking on their quest, usually having to hunt down Journals and defeat zombies, much like the Lost Weapons quests.

Missing Persons Quest

Last Known Location

How to Complete


Missing: Laura

Venice Beach Police Station

  • Pick up 2 Journals (Keeper of the Keys, Arrest Notes of Detainees) in the room across from Laura’s Cell Door
  • Defeat Police Chief Malloy, who has now turned into a zombie in the Station’s east section, and grab his keys
  • Go back to Laura’s Cell and defeat her since she has become a zombie
  • (Optional) Defeat Laura’s friend and pick up the Crying Wolf Journal as loot

1500 XP

Missing: Davis

East of Venice Beach

  • Find a Journal behind a wall of fire before a group of buses that says Davis’ last location was The Pier
  • Go to the north of the Pier toward the Evac Buses while avoiding zombies along the way
  • Defeat the now zombified Crusher Davis and pick up their phone

Missing: Jamal

Halperin Hotel

  • Search around the yellow area to find 2 Journals (Employee Vehicle Register, Our Fellow Security Guard) by shooting fuse boxes outside different guard huts
  • Follow where Jamal’s pick-up truck went to the east of the Hotel
  • Defeat a bunch of zombies, including Jamal

1500 XP

Missing: Pablo

Venice Beach Tatoo Parlor

  • Go inside the Parlor and find the Journal: Need for Needles
  • Travel to “Muscle Beach Nutrition” to the south and open the building using the Circuit Breaker found at the “Venice Autos” shop
  • Pick up the Journal: Protein Please on a display case in the Nutrition store
  • Defeat a zombie called Doc Martin outside the “Gang Green” shop to the north for the Gang Green Gate Key
  • Find the final Journal inside this shop called High Stakes after avoiding various shotgun traps

Missing: Greg

Ocean Avenue Parking Garage

  • Destroy two boxes blocking the way in the garage before taking the elevator on the right
  • Talk to Greg after hearing him sing from behind a closed shutter
  • Pick up a Circuit Breaker in the garage and place it in a panel next to a workbench
  • Defeat a wave of zombies and watch Greg get eaten

Missing: Shane

Venice Beach Lifeguard Hut

  • Pick up the Journal: Offer of a Lifetime in the Lifeguard Hut
  • Go north to Lifeguard Hut 18 and defeat all the zombies there to grab another Journal (For Whom the Nell Tolls)
  • Go to The Pier and the Lifeguard HQ and beat TJ The Lifeguard, a zombie Fire Crusher mini-boss, and pick up the Journal on them afterward

2000 XP

Missing: Nadia

The Metro

  • Find all four code digits to open a locked door marked by a red objective marker
  • Defeat the Screamer zombie Nadia after opening the door
  • (Optional) Loot Nadia’s stash and pick up two separate Journals in the locked room

2500 XP

Missing: Steve

Monarch Studios

  • Go to Studio 3 (Sitcom Set) and pick up a Journal before interacting with 3 items from the set
  • Travel south to a trailer while avoiding explosive traps outside to get another Journal in the vehicle
  • Find Steve at Beverly Hills and talk to him
  • Bring back 3 unique zombie types, a Butcher “Villain,” a Fireman “Brave Hero,” and Fire Crusher “Hunkalive to Steve one at a time, killing each after the objective updates
  • Talk to Steve again

Missing: Rainier

Ocean Avenue Lab

  • Defeat a Fire Slobber in the north-east labs and pick up their Journal
  • Travel to The Metro inside Hollywood Boulevard and find a red door
  • Eliminate a wave of zombies trying to get to Rainier, then talk to them
  • Pick up a Journal to the north of the red-door hallway
  • Defeat Lenny the Crusher to loot the Utility Closet Key
  • Open the red door and watch Rainier explode as a Burster zombie in Dead Island 2
  • 2500 XP
  • Superior Melee Punctuator Mod

Rewards For Completing Lost & Found Quests

Jacob fighting Zombie Horde in Dead Island 2

Players must beat every Missing Persons quest to earn the Sole Survivor achievement. On the other hand, only 5 of the Lost Weapons quests lead to the Sharpest Tool in the Box achievement. Players that learn how to beat all the Lost & Found quests in Dead Island 2 have taken a significant step to almost 100% completing the game, with only some objectives left.

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