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How To Open Locked Containers In Redfall

Locked Containers are a common sight in Redfall, and they serve as a valuable source of high-quality weapons. As their name suggests, however, players can’t get the loot inside Locked Containers without using up a specific rare item that isn’t cheap or easy to find. However, it’s well worth the chance to get better gear.

To loot Locked Containers in Redfall, players need Rewire Kits, which can be found either out in the open world or bought from a specific merchant using coins. Rewire Kits are generally quite rare and have other uses, including bypassing environmental obstacles such as tripwires and electronic locks. As such, players need to be careful about what they use these items for.

How To Get Rewire Kits In Redfall

Rewire Kits spawn at random all across Redfall once players have completed the opening prologue and reclaimed the Fire Station from the vampire cults. Given that one of Redfall’s locations is bigger than Prey by itself, searching the whole town for Rewire Kits is a tall order. However, players can improve their chances by searching in specific locations. There are crates and containers that players can unlock using basic lockpicks, and these may contain decent loot and useful items, including Rewire Kits.

Redfall Player Purchasing Rewire Kit From Lost And Found Vendor At Redfall Fire Station

For those with coins to spend, Rewire Kits can also be purchased from any Lost and Found vendor, including Reverend Eva at the Fire Station, for 1,500 Coins. This isn’t cheap, but players can salvage their unused weapons for extra coins. Redfall’s inventory space is fairly generous, so players shouldn’t hesitate to pick up any weapon they find, even if its stats don’t match up with their current favorites.

There’s a limit on how many lockpicks and Rewire Kits players can carry, so players still need to choose carefully when using them.

How To Use Rewire Kits To Open Locked Containers In Redfall

Redfall Player Using Rewire Kit To Unlock Large Home Safe

To use a Rewire Kit, all players have to do is interact with any locked object that requires one; thankfully, there’s no lockpicking minigame to complete. Redfall has arguably lost some of Arkane’s magic, but the game’s highly detailed world still hides a few signature traps and tripwires designed to catch players out. As such, it’s worth taking the time to check for tripwires and other nasty surprises.

Lockpicks and Rewire Kits are an essential part of the loot game, so players should always keep their inventories stocked with these items. After all, high-quality weapons give players a chance to match up with the worst Redfall offers.

  • Redfall game poster


    PC, Xbox Series X


    Arkane Austin

    Bethesda Softworks

    Open-World, Action, FPS, Adventure

    Bethesda Softworks


    Redfall is a first-person shooter/action co-op game from Arkane Austin, the developers behind Prey and Deathloop. Vampires roam the land, and in the town of Redfall, Massachusets, they’ve managed to find a way to block out the sun and keep the inhabitants trapped from the outside world. Alone or together with other survivors, players will battle against the creatures of the night and rid the town of vampires once and for all. The game allows players to pick from one of four unique survivors, each with extraordinary battle and support abilities, from magic to guns, to face off against the undead and the corrupted living.

    How Long To Beat:
    20 hours

    Legendary Edition Available:
    Bite Back Edition

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