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HUGE: O’Keefe Media Group – Citizen Journalist Says Maricopa County Election Director Rey Valenzuela Told Her How to Abuse ERIC Voter Registration System to VOTE MULTIPLE TIMES (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit

A citizen journalist with O’Keefe Media Group(OMG) has come forward after having an exchange with Maricopa County Election Director Rey Valenzuela at the secret invite-only “Summit on American Democracy” from May 8-9.

Valenzuela reportedly told the woman exactly how she could abuse the ERIC voter registration system to fraudulently vote multiple times in different states.

This event in Washington, DC, was hosted by partisan hack David Becker and his Center for Election Innovation and Research (CEIR) organization. David Becker is also the far-left operative who founded the ERIC system used in over 30 states, including Arizona, with 35m voter records.

As The Gateway Pundit reported, Maricopa County Supervisor Bill Gates ran away from conservative journalist Laura Loomer’s questions about his election corruption and participation in this far-left election conference on Monday.

The Gateway Pundit has reported extensively on the left-wing voter registration drive, disguised as voter roll clean-up, and how it can be abused.

As Jim Hoft of The Gateway Pundit reported, “The ERIC database is comprehensive and would be one of the most coveted by bad actors looking to influence an election.”

Originally funded by the Soros Open Society, it is now responsible for cleaning the voter rolls in a majority of states, plus D.C. A top election official from each member State is appointed a seat on the ERIC Board or as an Officer, all unpaid positions.

Additionally, ERIC does NOT want to know who is voting illegally. Their rules explain that “Under no circumstances shall the members transmit any record indicating an individual is a non-citizen of the U.S.,” as stated in Exhibit A, 2b. If ERIC hears no evil, then they see no evil.

This is the first time an elections official has admitted that the system can be abused and illegal voters can go undetected.

This could help explain The Gateway Pundit’s previous reporting on whistleblower testimony that voters with out-of-state driver’s licenses were allowed to vote in the Maricopa County 2022 election, which was stolen from Trump-Endorsed candidates. Multiple women, both Democrats, at one Maricopa County voting location were not registered to vote; however, the inspector overseeing that location “called the hotline, and she spoke to someone at the hotline, and then suddenly, she was registered and able to vote a regular ballot, according to another poll worker.

It is unclear whether they voted in multiple states, but this new report from an OMG citizen journalist further reveals that election officials may be in on the scheme. Maricopa County did not respond to The Gateway Pundit’s request for comment.

Kari Lake and Abe Hamadeh are still carrying out lawsuits against their fraudulent elections.

The Gateway Pundit reported earlier on a conference for oral argument in Kari Lake’s lawsuit where Maricopa County Attorney Joseph La Rue admitted to the inaccuracy of Maricopa County’s signature verification.

O’Keefe Media Group Communications Director RC Maxwell previously told The Gateway Pundit that OMG’s mission “is to get hundreds, maybe even thousands of people who are willing to do this because what we’ve seen is that people are willing to do this.”

“The vision is to enlist a citizen journalism army,” Maxwell continued.

Become a citizen journalist with OMG here.

Watch the video below from an OMG citizen journalist.

Citizen Journalist: I had an opportunity to visit the Hilton and Spy Museum for the election integrity conference. And I happened to sit down by Reynaldo or Rey Valenzuela. He’s the director at the election integrity in Maricopa County, Arizona. I asked him, if you were to do it, how would you do it? And he says, “Oh, I’ll tell you what I would do. Everybody’s got the ERIC system except some states. So, what I would do is I would move from an ERIC state to a non Eric state. It’d never find me, you’d never match up, and you’d never be eliminated for your two votes. Otherwise, when you have your name in one state that’s not an ERIC state and your name in an ERIC state, well, it just so happens that you can vote twice.” And so, I was hoping to capture that information on my phone. I actually looked at my phone to make sure that I was recording and oh my goodness, you have to check it like every 15/20 minutes, make sure it’s running. My equipment didn’t quite make it because I have a million photos on my phone. It just didn’t happen.

OMG reporter: And then you went back in, and how many more subjects did you engage with?

Citizen Journalist: Three more subjects and we just, you know, kicked up a conversation. I think Bill Gates was there. A couple other individuals that’s running the conference.

OMG reporter: what motivated you to want to become a citizen journalist and come out here and volunteer with OMG?

Citizen Journalist: For the last five years, I have been nothing but a truth warrior. And I’m a Tucker Carlson fan. I’m a James O’Keefe fan. And it’s like exposing the truth and being able to uncover what’s really going on. And you get to the source and you try to figure out, you know, what’s up? I’m a patriot, and I love my country and I’m gonna do everything I can to save it.

This story originally appeared on TheGateWayPundit

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