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Hundreds Of 90 Day Fiancé Fans Shower Jeymi With Praise After She Goes On Reddit

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way star Jeymi Noguera is surprised with the love she is getting from Reddit users as her relationship storyline with Kris Foster nears its end on season 4. The 30-year-old Jeymi is originally from Venezuela but lives in Colombia, where she now owns her own business. Jeymi met the 40-year-old Haleyville, Alabama resident Kris online. A year after dating virtually, Kris moved to Bogotá to get married to Jeymi and while they did have a wedding, Kris had to rush back home for reasons she couldn’t herself explain.


Seeing Jeymi’s plight on The Other Way, as she continues to be ignored by her American wife who is now accusing her of scamming her for money, fans have turned into “#TeamJeymi.” They were surprised when Jeymi herself showed up on Reddit after having previously asked her Instagram followers about the social media platform. “HI guys… So this is where they speak very badly of me??? lol I love you I love finding new ways to read all your comments….thank you” Jeymi wrote in her post.

The first comment was from wickity_whack who told Jeymi, “Hi Jeymi! People on here are hard on your wife but most seem to like you!” Fantastic-Evidence75 replied, “Yo soy team Jeymi.

Why 90 Day Fiancé Fans Like Jeymi More Than Kris

We like you! Hope you’ve found someone who treats you well,” posted squirrelt**d. Itsyoursmileandeyes wrote down that they are concerned about Jeymi because “Kris seems like an addict” and that they find it hard to watch Kris lying to Jeymi repeatedly, especially when Jeymi is such a nice person. Fans feel Jeymi deserves better. Viewers recently watched Kris jump into a pool when she returned to Colombia and took Jeymi out on a date for having missed her birthday. Kris claims to have severe neck pain due to two back-to-back accidents in her past. But she didn’t even wince when playing around with Jeymi in the pool.

It’s just an example of why Kris is coming across as a liar to 90 Day Fiancé viewers. Her excuses to return to the U.S. kept changing across each new episode. She might have wanted to go back to attend a court case about her dad’s rare motorbike that was stolen. However, when Kris decided to be away from Jeymi for five months, she claimed it was because of her son having issues that she had to deal with, which seems like a lie.

The Reddit thread came as a chance for 90 Day Fiancé fans to ask Jeymi about potential spoilers about her and Kris’s relationship. They wish to know of Kris and Jeymi are still together ahead of the finale and Tell-All this coming week. But Jeymi has graciously refrained from divulging any details. Jeymi, however, will be confronting Kris about her allegedly cheating on Jeymi when she went to the U.S. with a mystery ex-boyfriend. Jeymi also seems to have proof of Kris’ alleged infidelity, and this confrontation might just have been a clue about Kris and Jeymi heading toward divorce.

Source: Jeymi Noguera/Reddit

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