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“I Love You Son” J6 Political Prisoner and Proud Boy Defendant Dominic Pezzola Joins Twitter Space Call – Then His Mother Calls in Tell Him She Loves Him on Mother’s Day | The Gateway Pundit

Four of the five Proud Boys defendants who were unjustly convicted of seditious conspiracy charges called in to a Twitter Space hosted by The Gateway Pundit on Sunday night.

The Space took place at 7pm EST on Mother’s Day night and lasted for three hours.

Proud Boys defendants Zachary Rehl, Joseph Biggs, Ethan Mordean and Dominic Pezzola called in the Twitter Space tonight.

These innocent men were found guilty of Seditious Conspiracy or multiple other felonies by a bias jury in a kangaroo courtroom with the Dishonorable Judge Kelly presiding. Judge Kelly made very sketchy and unconstitutional decisions from the bench that warrant an investigation by Jim Jordan’s Judiciary Committee. For example, Kelly told jurors they could convict the defendants on conspiracy even if they found there was no plan or conspiracy. According to the Judge and prosecutors, an unproven “unspoken agreement” amongst the Proud Boys was enough for the jury to convict the men of conspiracy- even if their was no evidence whatsoever of an actual conspiracy!

The four Proud Boys defendants and political prisoners spoke out for the first time since their conviction on bogus sedition charges in front of a DC kangaroo court.

Dominic Pezzola called in last to the Twitter space. During his call his mother joined in and she was able to speak with her son on Mother’s Day. They were not able to talk earlier in the day.

Dominic’s mother told him, “I love you son… I love you Dominic.”

What a beautiful moment. We were so honored to witness this exchange.

** Please donate to Dominic Pezzola’s defense here.

Here is the full recording from our Twitter Space with the Proud Boys on Sunday night.

This story originally appeared on TheGateWayPundit

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