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iPhone 16 Pro models to have larger displays

iPhone displays could get bigger

Apple’s iPhone 15 Pro models are expected to maintain a similar display size with thinner bezels, but a new rumor suggests even bigger displays are on the way for the iPhone 16 Pro series.

This is a tiny jump in display size, but it will add to the overall bulk and weight of the iPhone. If these new display sizes are exclusive to pro models, then it will show Apple is further separating the base iPhone from pro iPhone with features and physical size.

Another follow up tweet from Young says the increased display sizes will mean increased aspect ratio. As bezels shrink and display sizes grow, the overall form factor will need to change — and the software with it.

Ross Young has insight into Apple’s future plans and a fairly accurate history. His insight into display technology helps map out Apple’s future device lineup, even though it tends to shift forward from time to time.

This story originally appeared on Appleinsider

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