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Is The Night Agent’s Action Program Real?

The perilous appointment commissioned by the Night Agent Program caused Peter Sutherland to fight through a season of The Night Agent, begging the question of if a program of that intensity is inspired by real life. Peter Sutherland (Gabriel Basso) is recruited by the now infamous White House Chief of Staff Diane Farr (Hong Chau) to monitor an emergency line if a Night Agent needs immediate assistance. The line rarely rings, but Sutherland is pulled into a dangerous, government-wide conspiracy the very night a former cybersecurity CEO civilian named Rose Larkin (Luciane Buchanan) calls after witnessing the murders of her aunt and uncle.

As it turns out, Diane Farr hired Sutherland with dubious intentions, forcing Rose and Peter to defend the virtues of the country that were spoiled up the chain of command, including the Vice President, as a consequence. The Night Agent exposed a convincing yet imaginative national crisis that provoked audiences to wonder about the true inner workings of governmental services and the prevalence of secret programs. The Night Action Program existed in The Night Agent as a highly classified initiative carried out in the basement of the White House covering incognito agents across the country, but just how true to life is this government agenda?

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The Night Action Program Isn’t A Confirmed Real FBI Agency

Considering how reserved the FBI is known to be with certain information protected from public disclosure, it cannot be confirmed that a secret initiative similar to the Night Action Program is real. Of course, however, it can be assumed that the FBI has actual programs set in place for undercover agents to contact in the case of emergencies. The Night Agent’s program and plot line spring from various real-life inspirations, but a truly identical FBI agency program would be difficult to corroborate without verification from the federal agency itself.

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The Night Agent Program’s Real-Life Inspiration Explained

Peter with agent in The Night Agent

The Night Agent is inspired by Matthew Quirk’s novel of the same name, and the book’s author does have connections to the FBI in his good friend. In an interview on gathering inspiration for The Night Agent’s plot line and substance, Quirk revealed the innovation in his conspiracy thriller came from his pal who worked a night shift for the FBI, with much of the rest coming from other sources and his own imagination. Quirk filled the public in on his imaginative process (via, saying:

“For research, I talked to my friend and his job actually turned out to be quite a bit more interesting and hush-hush than I had suspected, one of the several factors which led me to place the novel’s action in the White House Situation Room. I also talked to FBI and CIA people about what happens on these night watches and in the Situation Room during a crisis, and how a counterintelligence scenario like the one in the book would play out.”

His research and creativity made for a gripping and undecipherable series in Netflix’s The Night Agent. Netflix has already confirmed The Night Agent season 2 in response to its incredible viewership and the horde of fans it acquired. Season 2 of The Night Agent is expected to tie up several loose ends left from its premiere season and follow more of Peter Sutherland’s expedition as a high-ranking Night Agent.

Source: The Real Book Spy

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