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James Gunn Says One Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 Character is Developing a Crush on Chris Pratt’s Star-Lord

James Gunn has delivered many things in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, and one of them is a surprising potential romance that fans have been questioning since the movie’s release. While the movie deals with the fractured relationship between Chris Pratt’s Star-Lord and Zoe Saldana’s Gamora, Gunn has now addressed another potential romance for Pratt’s hero with Gamora’s sister Nebula.

Over the course of the Guardians movies and her inclusion in Infinity War and Endgame, Karen Gillan’s Nebula has been given a huge journey arc from all out villain through reluctant hero to fully fledged Guardian. The question is, has her time with the Guardians also seen her developing a crush on Peter Quill? James Gunn responded to that very question during an interview with The New York Times. He explained:


“I never thought about fully going there, but do I think that Nebula, emotionally, is sort of that mean schoolgirl who’s not going to show her feelings to anybody. [Karen Gillan] thinks that Nebula has a little bit of a crush on Quill that she doesn’t quite know how to put together.”

Following the final scenes of Guardians 3, there is certainly plenty of scope for this relationship to be developed further in the future. If that happens though, it will likely not be under the guidance of James Gunn and would be fully down to whoever takes over the Guardians future adventures.

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James Gunn Used Infinity War To Set Up Star-Lord and Gamora’s Relationship

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Although James Gunn has been in control of the entire Guardians of the Galaxy franchise, he also had to make sure that other movies featuring the characters didn’t end up ruining plans he had for his trilogy. This has seen Gunn being involved in working out dialogue for the team in movies like Thor: Love and Thunder, and also insisting on some details being added to their Infinity War appearance in order to set up the relationship between Star-Lord and Gamora that became such an important point of Guardians 3. Gunn revealed in the same interview:

“I begged them to have that kiss in [Infinity War], because it was necessary to really cement their relationship. I had a kiss in “Vol. 2” that I cut — it was awesome, but it came in a weird time. At the end of “Vol. 2,” you establish the fact that they have feelings for each other pretty distinctly, but in “Infinity War,” we needed to establish that they were now boyfriend-girlfriend and this was a normal thing for them. It wasn’t really about the kiss, it was about showing that they were now a couple.”

While the movie suggests that Star-Lord and Gamora have now gone their separate ways, we can only wait and see what the future holds for the characters. There is always potential for characters to return in the likes of The Kang Dynasty and Secret Wars, but either way it does seem like the journey for the Guardians of the Galaxy team may be over, their separate adventures may just be beginning.

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