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Jeremy Piven Pushing for Entourage Revival, Wants Mark Wahlberg to ‘Make the Call to HBO’

Who knows if we will ever see a return of the HBO series Entourage, but one of its stars says that there’s just one thing standing in the way of making it happen. Running for eight seasons between 2004 and 2011, the show had a continuation of sorts when it was given a feature film follow-up in 2015. The series follows a Hollywood A-lister along with a group of childhood friends he’s made his entourage. It is inspired by the life of Mark Wahlberg, who served as an executive producer on the show alongside Stephen Levinson.

One of the show’s standout characters was Jeremy Piven‘s Ari Gold, an agent to actor Vincent Chase (Adrian Grenier). Speaking with TMZ in a new chat, Piven addressed the possibility of Entourage getting revived. Recently, Wahlberg said he would support an Entourage revival, and Piven believes that if the producer would really get behind the idea and push for it, that could be all it takes to get the show to return. However, Piven also notes how Wahlberg is constantly busy, as the actor explains:


“I know if Mark and his team were really behind it, that would be some nice momentum. So, yeah. Mark wakes up, gets about eleven minutes sleep, he wakes up and he prays, and crushes the weights, he never stops. So, when he comes up for air, that little crack of time, just make the call to HBO. Everybody wins.”

Piven also noted how he’s constantly feeling the love for Entourage from the fans, and he believes that’s a sign of how well a revival would be received. He also believes Wahlberg has to be aware of that fan demand as well, going on to reiterate that he could help more than anyone with getting that to actually happen.

“I think Mark knows. Mark’s been around. He knows the reach of that show. We really connect with people. I see them because I’m performing on stages, so I see in real time that people really miss it, and I think Mark knows that as well, because he hears it and he feels it. So it’s just a matter of him stepping up.”

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Will Entourage Ever Return?

Piven’s recent comments echo what series creator Doug Ellin said of a possible revival back in 2021. At that time, Ellin also told TMZ that he had all of the main stars on board for a potential revival, but that what he really needed to seal the deal was the full support of Wahlberg, noting that “Mark Wahlberg just needs to call HBO and make it happen.” With legacy sequels and revivals continuing to be churned out in Hollywood, coupled with some vocal support from Wahlberg recently, we seem to be much closer to seeing new episodes made.

Time will have to tell if Entourage ever makes its way back to HBO. For now, fans can stream the original series in its entirety, along with the movie, on HBO Max, which is soon to be rebranded as simply Max.

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