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Kevin McCarthy’s Debt Limit Bill Is Backfiring On House Republicans

The White House and President Biden are hanging Kevin McCarthy’s debt limit bill around the necks of every House Republican.

Here is the latest White House move:

Republicans in Congress say that they are still supporting Speaker McCarthy right now:

Democrats in the House and Senate remain committed to not agreeing to any budget negotiations until a clean debt limit bill is passed.

For right now, Republicans are sticking with McCarthy, but if history is any guide, that support will evaporate quickly if there is no deal and the nation gets close to the default date of June 1.

The White House and Democrats in Congress do not want to set the precedent for hostage-taking being effective. Democrats and Republicans will meet next week, but it is expected that the message will continue to be something along the lines of Republicans will get nothing until a clean debt limit increase is passed.


In the meantime, McCarthy’s bill is quickly being turned into a disaster for House Republicans. It was a big mistake for Republicans to demand spending cuts to things like veterans’ benefits, but it is important to remember that Kevin McCarthy is not in charge of the House majority. He is a speaker in title only. The caucus is being run by the likes of Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA).

The far-right extremists want to tank the economy, but the problem is that dozes of moderate Republicans in Biden-carried districts stand to lose their seats as collateral damage to Kevin McCarthy’s sham debt limit bill.

This story originally appeared on Politicususa

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