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Letters to the Editor — May 10, 2023

The Issue: President Biden barring a Post reporter from an event while taking no questions from the press.

The fact that The Post was excluded from the Biden event should be considered a badge of honor (“Codger dodg­er,” May 9).

While the mainstream media remained purposely incurious about reporting on a story that should have garnered significant coverage, The Post provided exemplary, investigative reporting that was insightful and pertinent.

Miranda Devine in particular should be acknowledged for her skillful and admirable investigative journalism.

The Biden event had plenty of unoccupied seats, which magnifies the disdain the Biden administration has for The Post and shines light on the vacuous horde of people that the White House is comprised of.

Denis David

East Rockaway

The First Amendment to the Constitution guarantees not only freedom of speech and religion but also a free press in order to prevent an unencumbered, corrupt government from prospering.

This president’s barring journalists from The Post at his so-called press conference ignores the real need for a free press.

Every journalist surrounding the empty seats should have barraged him with questions about the border crisis, the debt ceiling and charges of corruption against the Biden clan.

Or, more appropriately, Biden should have faced a room with empty seats in support of The Post and the Constitution.

Anthony Bruno


Where are all the people and politicians who yelled about First Amendment rights and freedom of speech when our last president was in office? All I hear are crickets now that the White House has banned The Post.

What truly is sad is the rest of the mainstream media just refuse to stand for freedom of speech.

Remember, silencing news outlets that disagree with you is truly the sign of a tyrant. So if you believed that senile old Uncle Joe is a fair and trustworthy individual — forget it. The only thing Biden is good at is talking out of both sides of his mouth.

Philip Vallone


The Biden administration is so corrupt it literally banished The Post from attending Biden’s daytime public event Monday.

The reason in my opinion (and I’m sure a great many others as well) is that The Post — unlike ultra-liberal, trash dailies — has been on top of this disgraceful, pathetic excuse of a president and his family.

It has become so obvious in recent months that Biden is most certainly not at the helm, but merely a puppet for those who are actually ruining the United States.

This country is in deep trouble. Any candidate the Democratic Party selects for the 2024 presidential race will only continue to bring this country down from being a world power to a third-world country.

Sadly, there are those who actually believe this lying clown is doing a great job.

Ralph Manente


How can a sitting president and his administration ban The Post from a press conference? This can’t be allowed. This goes against everything we stand for.

What happened to the First Amendment and free speech? How can members of the Democratic Party think this is right?

Once again, they are throwing it right in our face. What are we going to do about it?

Bob Robustelli

Stamford, Conn.

The New York Post is one of few news publications that prints the truth — which is just what the current White House does not want to be published.

The White House, with the help of mainstream media, will do its own spin on an unflattering story and proclaim it’s disinformation. But the real disinformation is coming straight from the White House.

It’s no wonder why so many voters are still voting Democrat. They are hooked on reading the liberal rags and listening to CNN or MSNBC.

In the meantime, it’s pretty sad when a major news publication is banned for telling the truth. Our free press is going by the wayside.

JoAnn Lee Frank

Clearwater, Fla.

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This story originally appeared on NYPost

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